H4K Meeting @ Joker’s

Posted: 11/04/2010 in Otaku Culture
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My props meets H4K props!

Attended the 2nd Heroes 4 Kids meeting this month, dated on the 10th April 2010. Ended up finding out we might be getting a Catwoman and Supergirl soon! I am eager to see these new members soon! Was also hoping to see fellow troopers from AICON/501st Legion in this meeting, but i was the only trooper that night >.< Had tons of fun, and this time, i did not feel like a rookie anymore, i actually made myself at home and explored the house looking for all kinds of goodies and treasures! The pics below kinda sums up what happened after the meeting =)

Finding some old school loot! Sailormoon in VHS!

.. and other old school treasures!

How can i resist posing with so many props around?!

Challenging the future Snake Eyes was a big mistake!

Huh!? What the?!

A simple yet futuristic and elegant gadget toy from a more civilized time! The 1980s!

More pictures at my Flickr Gallery:


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