New JB Hifi Loot @ the new Trooper Hideout 2.0!

Posted: 11/04/2010 in Anime/Manga, Games, Otaku Culture
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With the internet missing from my life, i have been pretty proactive preparing my hideout with some new upgrades. Sure, i have not been able to post to my blog, but it does not mean i wont be able to take pictures of my nendo/figmas!

Finally forked out some cash to buy what i was lacking for my PS3

I dont think u can use ur leeks to play with these, Miku >.<

After a small visit from otaku comrade, Washi .. my HDD turned obsolete, thus making me buy a new one.

750GB worth of storage goodness! Even more compact than my previous 250GB passport HDD >.<

The Logitech Drum Set was actually bought by my younger bro, but that wasnt the only thing he bought

These drumsticks meant quite a big thing to my music fanatic younger bro >.<

Could not resist doing this scene for my Nendo Petits! >.< They look so delicious!

With these, i can now communicate with my fellow Sony PS3 Network gamers!

Now, i am prepared for Washi's 2nd Impact .. bring it on!

Pictures located in my Flickr Gallery:

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