Upgrading the TK helmet

Posted: 11/04/2010 in Otaku Culture
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My work place on my very own balcony at my new place =)

After moving in and settling down at the new place, i did not waste any time unpacking and moving on the my TK project as soon as i can.  It took me a while to clean up the place with the help of the housemates, but after unpacking my stuff and ‘kids’ i finally had some time to myself on the early mornings to work on my armor again. This time, i am making my helmet more presentable by giving it a new neater paint job! Took out the lens and webs inside the bucket and redid them to make it look more presentable. This was done with the motive to add the ROMFX voice transformer to my armor. Why? So i can finally speak to people without the need to yell at them! Wearing a helmet tends to muffle my voice making it hard to communicate with the civilians!

Redesigned and improved the mouth web piece with foam and hot glue. Attached into the helmet with velcro!

These were the grade 6 lens provided by a mate on the 501st Legion TAG forums. Sliced this into a pieces for spare lens parts.

Removed the insides of my bucket. Check out my rookie paint job from months ago!

Always good to have extra foam! Been keeping this for nearly 1/2 a year! Now i finally get to use it!

Repainted and left a note on it saying "Wet Paint"! Cant be too careful with housemates in the house! Also redid my lens with foam, attached to helmet via velcro too!

With proper measurements and random ideas hitting me .. i made this 'padded' lens!

The inside of my bucket. The finished inside areas. Comes together with the mic to be plugged into the ROMFX!

For the moment, the wires are kept tidy with velcro straps. Gotta love velcro!

The finished helmet. I am satisfied with the current paint job and upgrade =)

Pictures can be found at my Flickr Gallery:

  1. colorock.com says:

    First things first – to acrylic paint well, you have to paint like you do not pay for the color! If you want a nice paint finish, you must apply the right amount of color. You do not spread paint just because you want to save money or for some other reason. For color and we forget the cost of paint and apply a nice, smooth, thick layer.

    • gameshark03 says:

      Thanks for the tip! I only use Humbrol Enamel paint for this bucket tho. Have to meet the 501st Legion requirements, so i pretty much read everything off the internet! :) glorious thing, information is!

      This helmet was not meant to be displayed but to be worn and get that used look =) together with my armor

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