Nendo/Figma Tales: New Home New Friends

Posted: 13/04/2010 in Otaku Culture
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When it comes to moving homes and stuff, usually its tough to just laze around when you have to clean up the place then making it .. livable to one’s own standards! While the place nearly complete, decided to take a break and spoil myself by finally opening a box of my puchi vocaloids that i have been saving for like 2-3 weeks already.

Finally having the opening ceremony!

Checking out the boxes with curiousity! I wonder who is in this one? XD

Check it out! Their names are on the back of the box! Have to remember them all!

Sniff sniff! Curiouser and curiouser!

Heave ho!

That .. huff puff .. was tiring!

Quick! Lets move it to higher ground!

Omg .. a new friend finally! Whats his name? Kaito?

Check it out! Don't be shy! This one here has an ahoge see?

.. and they brought a couple of friends too! .. more like an army -_-"

Introducing the Vocaloid Puchis!

*Katcha* Phone pic time!

Like in Lucky Star, opening a whole box of puchis just looks like a leaf getting swarmed with locusts .. the massacre!

"OMG SAFE ME! Nyaaaa~!" / "Neko .. kawaii" / "GET DAT NEKOZ!!" / "Epic pic moment!"

Awww .. look at them making friends already!

Nyaa! I wanted friends .. but not an army that wants to hug me to death!

Wanna .. be .. friends? / WANNA BE MUH FRENZ?!

Kyouka seems so happy now, doesnt she? XD


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