Anime Screening / Niko Niko Loot

Posted: 18/04/2010 in Anime/Manga, Otaku Culture
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Today’s anime screening was held at the very same place as last time, UTAS (University of Tasmania). What was shown? Pretty much what i already collected but have not started watching. Went there to socialize and all that, doing stuff like exchanging Facebook/Flickr/Twitter details. Nothing better than getting to know more otakus with the similar interests. Lesser people showed up today because there was a convention at Melbourne, called Supanova. This coming week, Supanova will be held in Sydney.

Today, they were screening the following animes:

  • Ef: A tale of Memories
  • Canaan
  • When the Seagulls Cry

Early this morning, before preparing myself for the Anime Screening, i was msged/smsed by Nadia (lady otaku) from Niko Niko. She mentioned my package have arrived! Sure it may have been pricey but it was for a good cause! Every shop needs profit to survive, so this would be my chance to chip in. What did i receive? The Lucky Star Nendroid Petites Season 1!

I should really stop being lazy and start working on my helmet and unpack the Lucky Star figmas!

All bubble wrapped up =D

With all that mentioned, now i just have to wait for Hobby Link Japan to mail some ordered loot i wanted. This would be certain accessories for the figmas, a stuffed Cactuar, and Nendo Petite Lucky Star Season 2! Then i will have them all! Nearly forgot to mention i also booked some posters from Niko Niko, Lucky Star and Code Geass related =3

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