Lucky Star Nendo Petites & Gang

Posted: 19/04/2010 in Otaku Culture
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New puchis join the collection, Lucky Star puchis!

Finally opened the Lucky Star Nendo Petites from Nico Nico. Nico-what? Nico Nico happens to be an otaku shop where you can actually get goods if you order items thru them here in Hobart. If they happen to have it in stock from their suppliers of course. One good thing about them is, their supplies tend to keep spares of otaku goods and stash them away. So this is what i got from Nico Nico! Cant wait for HLJ to post me the rest of the Lucky Star Nendo Petites. I think i might have already mentioned that in my previous post. Oh well .. these pictures were taken at the lowest ISO setting possible with a tripod. The colors on the pictures are soooo rich! Love it that way!

Always wanted these after reading so many owners posting pics about them :3

The thing about taking good quality pics, really shows how much dust there is in the room. Do you dust your room before taking pics?

"She" finally gets to have a scene! And no .. i dont mean Miyuki!

This guy just happens to be the secret character among the Lucky Star #1 Nendo Petite set! Akira does not seem to be pleased with that!

Even tho, she has a bad hip, but that does not mean i leave her out of the picture!

Neko wants a hug? Not all nekos love to get hugged like crazy.

Nendo petites, unlike their bigger counterparts, the nendoroids, are easier to carry around and cute! Its like having ur very own cute multi-colored army of Smurfs!


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