From one Otaku to another Otaku

Posted: 21/04/2010 in Anime/Manga, Otaku Culture
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Tuesday, 20th April was the day Washi and I planned a meeting of some sort. Little did i realize that instead of going to meet up at Niko Niko, i was invited over to his place! Waiting impatiently for him to pop on Skype to give me the address to his place. Using GoogleMap and the iPhone, i found his place with ease! Soon ended up packing Nendoroids and Figmas (with some other stuff) to bring over to his place to do a crossover photoshoot! What crossover? A Crimotaku/Wakaranai crossover! Just plain good old Otaku stuff from chatting otaku, photographing figures and exchanging animes and such! Managed to find Wakaranai’s (Washi, for short) place while driving and navigating via iPhone =3

This was how his room layout was. Better than mine since its not a rented place TwT

Everything from figures to posters & a cupboard full of loot! Otacool worthy! Too bad he didnt submit his room pics >.<

Posters all over the place <3

A shelf dedicated to PVC figures too!

Washi decided to share me a dark secret. His fear of breaking ahoges as well! Poor poor Arika!

A spare monitor surrounded with neko eared figures!

If i had those Lucky Star sticky notes, i would end up cherishing them forever and never using them!

.. and this would be comrade otaku blogger, Wakaranai (Washi for short)

Not long ago, i opened a box of Nendo Petite Lucky Star #1 puchis, and among them i had an extra Miyuki. Not needing a spare coz i tend to take good care of my stuff, i decided to should let someone else give my extra Miyuki a nice and cozy otaku home. Since i was visiting Washi’s for my very first time, i thought .. why not? House visiting gift from otaku to otaku =3 Did some short scene photos about our combined nendo/figmas performing the “Welcome to your new home” ceremony. The lighting was quite a challenge, pity i did not bring my tripod with me to take clearer pics >.< Sigh! Oh yeah! Forgot to mention comrade Washi also has the figmas, Konata Cosplay and Kagami Cosplay, just like me. Only difference is, his ones are already opened!

When my puchis meet Washi's

Welcome to your new home, Miyuki!

With your new home, comes together with lots of figmas, figures, and nendos!

Also made another chapter of Nendo/Figma Tales: Crimotaku/Wakaranai Crossover @ Figure.Fm!

  1. FlawlessExa says:

    He has a really nice room. Looks like you guys had a fun time. ^ ^

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