Nothing happened this week but ..

Posted: 25/04/2010 in Non-Digital World
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This week? Pretty much nothing happened, but looked forward to planning and getting a gift for a housemate! Love shopping for creative presents, on the eve of her birthday i found some random scenes i could maybe blog about. Things that interested me in a creative whacky way .. found this scene in Australia’s grocery shop called Woolsworth. For 5 dollars worth of leeks, i could prob think of something cheesy in the future pictures in armor!

Should i just get two for kicks and pose in figma Kagamiku and Nendo Kagamiku's background?

Gee .. i wonder what country he is from?

One of the unique things about Australia is vehicle owners can register custom number/alphabet plates for their vehicles. Gee .. this one was pretty obvious where he came from. But it’d really help if he drove a Korean car instead >.<

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