Preparing to watch Iron-Man 2

Posted: 28/04/2010 in Anime/Manga, Otaku Culture, Series/Movies
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Preparing to meet Mr Stark .. I mean ... Director Stark! But i still support Nick Fury anyways!

Tomorrow is finally the night where Iron-Man 2 is shown in the cinemas, and little did i realize .. not only are Heroes 4 Kids are going, but so are the staff of Area 52! Area 52 (Website) is a comic shop .. well to be more specific, a hobby shop for fanboys who read comics, play card games, play Warhammer games and etc. Pretty much everything that would involve Western Scific Fanboy-ism which is the western version of Eastern Otaku-ism. When i went there this afternoon, something caught my eye, a SHIELD shirt! Then i decided that i am soooooo wearing this shirt to the Iron-Man 2 movie. I am more of the white Nick Fury supporter (in the Ultimate universe, Nick Fury is black and looks like Samuel L Jackson). How is SHIELD related to Iron-Man aka Tony Stark? Simple really! .. REALLY!! He was former Director of SHIELD till Osborn took over, decommissioned SHIELD and added SHIELD tech to HAMMER. Tony Stark used to be the big shot, filling in Nick Fury’s shoes, and saving the world from everything.

SHIELD is the counterpart of the other organization SWORD. SWORD concentrates on the offensive while SHIELD concentrates on the defensive.

Ultimate Nick Fury (looks like Samuel L Jackson)

Nick Fury played by David Hasselhoff

The 'white' Nick Fury over the years. Still alive and kicking!

Hmm ... accidentally found this. Nick Fury VS Cobra Commander?!

Nothing beats Old School! Maybe i should cosplay as Cobra Commander!

  1. laniemon says:

    Had a good laugh when saw the scene in the comic book when Ultimate Nick Fury,over pizza, was asked who should play him in a movie. “Mr. Samuel L. Jackson, of course, no discussion”. Good one, Fury old boy ^^.

  2. Steve says:

    Can’t wait to see Iron Man 2… but I probably will have to wait. Hopefully not too long!

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