After Iron-Man 2 (Possible Spoilers)

Posted: 29/04/2010 in Series/Movies
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A mate of mine from Heroes 4 Kids decided to come as Cardbox Iron-Man!

Review (Sort of):

After watching the movie and WAITING TILL THE AFTER OF THE ENDING CREDITS (BOLD TEXT HERE! PLS FORGET THIS PART) .. I would say the movie has impressed me really well, being a comic fan and all. Sad to say, I actually missed Stan Lee making his cameo appearance! Well, its another comic turned movie for me. I was satisfied with what they did with SHIELD. I even wore my SHIELD shirt to the cinema! The fight scenes was way better compared to the Iron-Man 1 movie, where it is just bunch of armor wearing people clanking it out at each other. Keeping spoilers to a minimal, so i cannot review much! Will wait for a week or two, or maybe even forget about doing a review about it! Haha. Most likely to happen since i am too stingy to share the goodness of all that is Marvel :P


  • Nick Fury is seen in the movie and plays a role
  • Black Widow does something in the movie. She IS the russian superspy after all!
  • Stan Lee is in it again
  • After the ending credits, you see the Mjolinir. Wonder which blondy it belongs to?
  • This is not the final version of the Iron Knight
  • Hulk was seen in the movie
  • Captain America’s shield was SHOWN VERY OBVIOUSLY

Score: 9/10 (Targeted at mortals of Midgard)

  1. eh? got shield? Which scene?

    got hulk? mana?

    stan lee? is it during the start when tony entered his expo, and is in first person mode?

    • gameshark03 says:

      Cap’s shield was the size of a real shield, so big! How did u miss it during the particle laser thing?
      Hulk was on most of the TV broadcasts.
      Stan Lee, during the party/expo.

  2. deng, i gotta torrent this and watch again lulz.

  3. Excellent post! Thank you for posting it. Iron Man 2 looks excellent, I’m excited about checking it out. Here in Asia it’s released later than elsewhere.

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