Seto no Hanayome Nendo Petties are comin! Kawaii~~ =3=

Posted: 29/04/2010 in Anime/Manga, Otaku Culture
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Seto-san and Lunar-san are finally coming my way! HAIL LUNAR!

After searching like mad all over the internet, a fellow otaku, comrade irudono (blog link) gave me a hand and actually found them for me! And now they are on the way here waaaay down South to Tasmania! When i found out about the existence of these puchis, i pretty much gave a combined hybrid fanboy scream + otaku rage roar! Sqqqueeaaaaaaa-GAAAAAAAOOOOOO!! If there happened to be a way to spell it out, it’d be something like that! Apparently these puchis are no longer found anywhere on the internet or the world (for sale) because they are a protected species kept in Japan!

Links to comrade Irudono’s Flickr gallery displaying the loot he got for me and another otaku comrade

  1. Fabrice says:

    Nice, so lucky you manage to get it, irudono sure is a kind person =)

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