Iron-Man is back .. with new gear! But is it the Extremis?

Posted: 01/05/2010 in Anime/Manga, Otaku Culture, Series/Movies
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.. and here we thought the Extremis Iron-Man suit was gone ..

Iron-Man, Tony Stark, Marvel’s Iron Knight .. friend to Jim Rhodes aka War Machine, Thor aka Donald Blakes, Steve Rogers aka Captain America .. former boss of Peter Parker aka Spiderman (while Parker was in employment, he had an Iron-Tech Spidey Suit) .. so many friends .. so many connections .. Tony Stark nearly got everyone he trusted and befriends behind bars in a certain Marvel Civil War. Forcing the good guys to choose sides, Iron-Man’s or Captain America’s. With Nick Fury missing and all .. the Civil War went to hell on Earth leaving Earth’s Mightiest Heroes at the mercy of the Skrull Invasion. The invasion that warped whatever we know into a total mental mess. Skrulls are aliens who can completely impersonate anyone on a biological, molecular, magical level, which made it near to impossible to detect them.

Norman Osborn stepped in, saved the day, and was appointed as Director of H.A.M.M.E.R, became a political hero and icon to everyone in the world. Thanks to politics and the media. This lead to the SIEGE which brought the fall of Asgard (now a floating island in the US). Thor’s home was turned to mush thanks to Osborn’s Dark Avengers member, the Sentry. There were deaths on both sides, both heroes and villians. But the SIEGE is nearly over, and Tony Stark back from being brain dead (deleted his brain because it contained too much information that could compromise anyone and anything he knows .. “Knowledge is Power”) …

Stark is back with a previous backup of himself, discovering that .. in his current state, not only does the Extremis makes him the ultimate Iron-Man .. without it makes him obsolete .. he found out that he could re-use the idea of how the concept of Extremis, reverse engineer it with a few tweaks and make it work for him .. again. How this works? Well guess i have to read more about Tony in the upcoming issues of Iron-Man! Like always .. comic designs are always far superior compared with the Iron-Man movies. But CGI is not that far behind ..

.. but its back with a new re-formatted Tony Stark! Yes, i mean it .. reformatted! Read the comics!

What is the Extremis? The Extremis was modified by Tony and used it to modify himself on a biological level. Making him Man & Machine in perfect unity. A walking, breathing, biological computer.


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