Sora no Woto Review

Posted: 04/05/2010 in Anime/Manga, Reviews
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Sora no Woto (translated into English as “Sound of the Sky”) is an anime who has similar art to the infamous moe-blob anime, K-On (K-On is now running with a second season). This anime is set in the future, where our current world countries and governments went thru a massive war, and ended up becoming a wasteland of corpses and lost technology. The humans that survived restarted their lives over with whatever simple technology they have left. This show attracted me with the same reason Spice and Wolf did. The story is a mystery, set in a time when myths and legends exist. Why? Because humans always need something to believe in to make their simple lives interesting. In our current case, it would be war, racism, religion and politics.

Picture taken from MyAnimeList

In Sora no Woto, i noticed that the races have merged, and not only that, but the people, language, and cultures. They had new beliefs, mixed culture dress codes and celebrate festivals in unity. Some of these festivals exists even now, but are only celebrated by their own countries. This anime is about new female cadets, some new to the concept of war, and some experienced that have already gone through hell and survived. This anime is pretty laid back and calm, but when the war part comes, u kind of wished that the peace they had could last a bit longer.

Was pretty curious about how the director and artists would do it, by adding a hint of war into the K-On clone mix. My opinion? They can really draw tanks! The anime is rich in meaning and touching, my type of anime. Why? Because i like living life laid back and easy. Having a job does not mean my life has gone to hell, but shows like this helps me relax and look forward to a better tomorrow. Way better that getting built up for no reason, getting stressed and developed wrinkles on a daily basis and screaming quietly “My life sucks!”

Rating: 8/10

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