Niko Niko Loot: Nendoroid 27a Konata Izumi Neko Ears!

Posted: 05/05/2010 in Anime/Manga, Otaku Culture
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Nendoroid 27a: Konata Izumi w/ Neko Ears! =3

Poor nekomimi Konata frozen in carbonite >.< Breaking her out sooner or later!

Nendoroid 27 have 3 versions: A, B and C. But i only prefer A coz of the neko ears. Need i say moar?!

Today i was messaged by Nadia, 1 of the 2 shopkeepers that run the otaku shop, Niko Niko. With her help i managed to find one of these! Being limited edition … AND EXPENSIVE .. and all, i decided to only collect one, because thats all my wallet allows me to this month. This nendoroid is unique because it was made into 3 versions, 27a, 27b and 27c! This would apply for the Kagami one as well, her’s come with rabbit ears (also made into 3 versions, a, b, and c!). Really love the character, Konata Izumi, because she would be the ultimate otaku mascot, not to mention her seiyuu is also the infamous Suzumiya Haruhi! =)

One can never have too many Konatas =3=

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