Malaysia, Truely Asia~!

Posted: 06/05/2010 in Games, Non-Digital World
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Usually its pretty rare for me to blog about my homeland called Malaysia. With all the racism that happens back home that THEY denies .. well .. lets just say that Hitler was reborn again Malaysian or so to speak. Being Malaysian, its tough, because people tend to stereotype Malaysians, but what makes it worse is .. Malaysia is multicultural, yo! Fo shizzle ma twizzle and all that hut hut snoopety dawg nonsense, yo! Found this clip on youtube when i was checking out Just Cause 2 (By Square Enix) for the PS3, and i found it simply amazing!!

Pretty much speaks to my soul, because i get it from time to time back home in Malaysia, that i have an artificial accent and i am Malaysian. However, like some countries, they expect me to be Muslim Malay because i am MALAY-sian. But whaever, this dude, Benedict Sachdev, is pretty bad ass. Used to be in Melbourne, Australia, if i only came sooner i would gone all out to meet the guy during my convention trips! Putting people into categories and stereotyping them is a form of racism as well. I can pretty racist, depending on how racist the person i am speaking to is.

If they go like .. “White people are all fat and violent!” .. “Asian ppl share their spit from hotpot dishes and became a reason of the world’s bio hazard ..” and all that, then yeah. That person would be getting a whole shit load of racism from me. Why? Dude? I am from Malaysia! The very cesspool of racism because we are so multi-cultured. We live and survive through racism. But sadly to me, 1Malaysia is just a political scheme to put the Malays .. sorry, THE MALAYS .. oh sorry, i did it again .. 1Malaysia is a political scheme to put THE UNITED PEOPLE back into power.

If you ask me, I believe that did happen before, what was it called? Oh yes! Nazism! Get rid of all the impure humans out of the country and let the uber-men have their glorious country back!


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