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Posted: 08/05/2010 in Games, Otaku Culture
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Been doing nothing special for the past few days, but the blog still needs blogging. To summarize it all up, just gonna post a few pictures i uploaded onto twitter over the past few days. Least it is better than staying at home doing nothing! Oh yeah .. also submitted for Otacool 3 Submission at Danny Choo’s. Hope i get into the magazine, unless like a zillion Malaysians submit too, then it would just be a chance if i could appear in the book >_< I have a pretty spartan and simple layout, but my workplace is my workplace. Its meant to be how i like it to be!

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Keyboard keys E, M and N faded out ..

After years of gaming in Malaysia, actually 6 months of WoW in the year 2008 (played it since it first came out before all the expansions) .. i finally quit. These scars of ‘war’ are the only proof i have played Blizzard’s World of Warcraft!

StarCraft 2 painting on wall in local JB Hifi store! Impressive!

Went to JB Hifi today and only saw Mark (codename Wookie among the Heroes 4 Kids), amazed to see someone painting/drawing a StarCraft 2 art on the wall of JB Hifi. Such skills to prepare for the game that is coming out in July 2010.

Finally opened up my Nendoroid 27a Konata Izumi with neko ears!

Finally opened my long waited loot booked from the otaku shop, Niko Niko. Nadia was nice enough to inform me via Facebook that it arrived. Hyped enough that i did not even open up my Seto no Hanayome puchis yet. Guess my love for Izumi Konata is higher than Edomae Lunar-sama! TwT


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