The beauty about technology

Posted: 11/05/2010 in Otaku Culture, Series/Movies
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Loot acquired from The shirt says 'Daakusaido'!

Technology is a glorious thing, i do not see why people be hypocrites and saying its rubbish when they are so dependent on TV and telephones. Yeah, there are a few people who still have not migrated to the 3G (soon 4G) life yet, but meh, whatever! Its like Noah’s Ark, some people prepare for the worst by using the best the world has given them. Take those gifts and use them to the fullest! What am i talking about? I am talking about the wonderful features of Deviant Art, Twitter, Flickr, the iPhone/iPad .. and yes, the glorious Facebook. If you do not have a Facebook, you do not exist in the world. Thats what i came to understand about Facebook!

Well, back to the updates. The internet is a vast universe of goodness and badness! Sure it does not have a physical mass to prove it, but yeh! From this big big unknown space, I stumbled upon! On this website i found the loot i have been seeking for, and some extras. Managed to find a 1/15 scale of the Back to the Future DeLorean, some FULL BLACK FLEECE gloves (compatible with iPhone/iPad’s touch screen), and a nice T-Shirt! Why is FULL BLACK FLEECE important? Well, over here in Hobart, i been looking for gloves like these but they would cost me around AUD50-70 just because it may/may not work with the iPhone/iPad’s touch screen. And worst of all is, their blackest gloves are often blingged to oblivion with striking colors!

  1. daniemon says:

    This kinda reminded me of a conversation I had once. it’s about neo-luddite and their rejection of technology. The conclusion we reach is that unfortunately it will become a problem (disaster?) in the future. Worst case scenario? War, most likely…

    On a lighter note, t-shirt get ^^ Damn that looks cool ^^. Got to get me one XD.

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