Otaku Cravings: Animes and Mangas

Posted: 14/05/2010 in Anime/Manga, Otaku Culture
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Note: This line wasn't part of the anime subtitles. ROFL

After been away trying to finish up and perfect FF13 then move on to Square Enix’ Just Cause 2 & Nier, Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 & Street Fighter IV Turbo .. and also wait for Square Enix’ Final Fantasy 14 .. noticed that the list if back to haunt me. The MyAnimeList! After meeting more otakus over the internet and chatting in person or online, while exchanging animes .. realized that i have more to catch up on. The list is expanding i should really maybe start watching the animes i have at hand … uhh .. hard drive! Being a gamer/anime otaku is tough. There are just not enough hours in a day .. maybe i should be a martian on Mars, and have longer day hours!

Have a particular habit .. if i like it .. i would really cherish it. If i cherish it, i would not watch it as fast (weekly) and tend to keep it sealed away for the end of days! Example, my Seto no Hayanome puchis .. still stuck in plastic airtight ‘carbonite’ (Star Wars reference). But if i like it so more than usual, i tend to watch it with full attention and even volcano erupting under my ass wont make look away from the screen. One of the few things that made me feel that way was Lucky Star .. but now, its the two otaku characters, Erika Karisawa (狩沢絵理華) and Walker Yumasaki (遊馬崎ウォーカー). These two are passionate otakus within the Durarara series, and the storyline just got even better!

Walker Yumasaki

Erika Karisawa

With characters that show the passion they have for anime, how can a fellow otaku not enjoy their heavy referencing every time they start a conversation! Haha! Worst yet! In Durarara Episode 15, these two otaku clowns were doing a reference about Yotsuba! The anime with the same author that gave us Azumanga Daioh. Knowing that otaku comrade, Washi has it, i may need to borrow his currently available volumes of Yotsuba (http://myanimelist.net/manga/104/Yotsuba&!)!

  1. PiroManiac says:

    ha! thats what I do! I’m the type to watch anime with my eyes glued to the screen, intently focused on getting maximum appreciation value :-p I also try and savor anime I really like (or expect to really like) – although, sometimes my willpower isn’t strong enough XD
    I read every subtitle in GitSSAC (some of the subs where quite long and appeared briefly while I was also trying to concentrate on the visuals) and made sure I mostly understood/thought about all the philosophy and politics.
    I consider it almost sacrilege to do what my sister does; she always does something else while watching, like drawing manga, making cards, etc. -she misses the subtitles!! It hurts me when I see it :’-/
    Then again, the endless 8 was a slight exception for me.. I fully concentrated for only about 80%..

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