Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright

Posted: 25/05/2010 in Anime/Manga, Figmas, Figures, Nendoroids, Otaku Culture
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Today I went to K&D to buy some hardware, it all started with just thinking  of getting a nice table lamp for myself and the puchis for their photography. But being a tool nut and a computer geek and all, i tend to give in to my crafty needs when i enter a hardware shop. Its like girls at a supermarket sale, but involves guys and hardware! I was planning to do this post on a later date but because someone on twitter +1-ed that i should do another Nendo/Figma Tales, the idea hit me! The idea was fresh, the mood and environment was perfect! Perfectly dark!

So here we go, night photography in the pitch black and also showing off the loot i acquired in May 2010!

Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright 1/6

Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright 2/6

Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright 3/6

Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright 4/6

Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright 5/6

Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright 6/6

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