Niko Niko New Posters!

Posted: 26/05/2010 in Anime/Manga, Otaku Culture
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Today I am gonna pick up my vest that i designed for my TK armor (also designed for future armors, like the cyborg ninjas from MK ^^) .. ended up responding from a tweet from a comrade that was working today at JB Hifi! Chatted and all that, also met up with other costumer spies within JB Hifi! Went to Niko Niko after that, and found out they restocked on new posters! All waterproof ones =) They had a reasonable collection from Bleach, Naruto, Gurren Lagann, Lucky Star, Haruhi, Ouran High School Host Club, Higurashi, When Seagulls Cry .. and .. well .. quite a few to list! Like always! Posting pics to show and less blah blah boring text of failness!

Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann cast taking a break and jamming =3

Lucky Star <3

Wishing for a Lucky Star <3

Lucky Star @ Karaoke :3

Lucky Star cast karaoke-ing! =P


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