Otaku Meeting (Hobart)

Posted: 27/05/2010 in Anime/Manga, Cosplay, Figmas, Figures, Games, Nendoroids, Otaku Culture, PC
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Today, intended to go to Spotlight to buy the materials to finish up my TK vest MKII for the Heroes 4 Kids meeting i am attending this Saturday. Members were told to bring their costumes to show the new members what we are all about. Very similar to the 501st Legion, H4k (Heroes 4 Kids) is a non profit organization who does things for charity. This kind of organization makes it possible for cosplayers to appear in public without a convention. Being able to do what we love doing, being in character in costume! But before all that, i have to finish the alterations to my TK vest MKII in my previous post.

At around noon, i was scheduled to meet the Kamina cosplayer (Gurren Lagann), lets call him CH for now at the otaku shop called Niko Niko. By the time i arrived, he already bought a bathroom poster for his friend’s birthday present. Met up, had lunch, then comrade Wakaranai called and decided to meet up. Ended up going to my place (after Wakaranai aka Washi, decided to buy a poster from Niko Niko). Swapped anime, gave Washi his ordered Limited Edition Lucky Star Shrine Maiden loot from Irudono and etc. Had a couple of rounds of Super Street Fighter IV with CH.

Gathering at Otaku Trooper’s Hideout
Loot brought along by the fellow otakus
CH showing me his Limited Edition FSN Novel Game
LE FSN comes with a nice hardcover and a colored artbook
Lucky for me, my laptop has a decent amount of USB ports
When Black (PC) meets White (Mac). Both HDDs owned by CH. Used for anime swapping.
Not only did he bring HDDs but also some of his anime DVDs. Notice kyouka puchi being harassed in the back >.<
The figmas and nendos also wanted in on some camera whore action
There was a time when Saber was just a game character, but it has come a long way. From novel game to anime/manga to figma.
Shiro was also released as a figma, cannot wait for Rider to be released in June as well. June is FSN loot month for nendos and figmas!
  1. Shazzsteel says:

    Let Kamina know I am very jealous…

  2. laniemon says:

    Lol, poor kyouka ^^

  3. PiroManiac says:

    aaaagh!! I was framed! D:
    I was just trying to help her back on her feet after falling over on the carpet..

  4. Crimotaku says:

    Piro: Lets see what the readers say! ROFL (not like we have many yet)
    Lanie: Indeed! My poor kyouka!!

  5. Fabrice says:

    Why the hell in sydney -.-
    should come to perth.. *sigh nothing here.

    haha its hard to keep them stable on carpets XD
    btw random question, where did you get that white box, which i guess is to put the figma parts in, (the one behind drossel)
    im trying to find something like this D:

  6. Crimotaku says:

    Fabrice, its a nail box. Mostly found in Bunnings/K&D/Spotlight. I heard there was a Supanova Perth, one of my otaku friends from Perth is coming to Hobart to visit me for a week, then going to Sydney with me for Supanova. Then he is going back to Perth and gets to attend Supanova Perth.

  7. Dei says:

    Bwahaha yes :D

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