Crimotaku Tech Loot: iPad

Posted: 28/05/2010 in Life, Otaku Culture
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I know there are two sides of a war out there, the Mac users and the Computer users. Both sides having an eternal battle going at each others’ throats till the end of time. Always hearing the lines, ‘The Mac sucks’ .. ‘Computers suck at processing!’ .. ‘iPhone/iPad/iPod sucks and its overpriced!’ .. and all that. Actually i kind of disagree with the last statement, because the price is based on how established the country is. If its a country with a bad economy with low salaries and all that, yeah .. definitely its overpriced! But there are countries out there, where grocery shop staff afford BMWs at the age of 24 and all that. The world is fair, just that politics and the mentality of some people/government aint!

Back to the loot, the iPad. I am planning to do a Youtube video blog on the otaku things an anime/tech otaku can do with the iPad! Its not about how useful it is .. its all about how u use it! Just like every other tool, the biggest flaw of the tool .. *drum rolls* .. IS THE USER!! So here are a few fun pics i snapped while opening the box. Currently i am in the phase of setting up my iPad and making sure its otaku-ish enough! =) Just for record, those mooks out there crying about app issues when they switch from the iPhone to the iPad, screw u! Its all about patience when it comes to new toys =)

Introducing ..

.. a new Apple product! The iPad!

The iPad is an extension of the computer/mac. I pity the fools who buy it and cry about it not being as good as a computer/mac.

Like the iPhone, you barely need the manual! Unlike some other devices where u need to at least read the manual.

For the moment, the iPad functions as the portable mini screen interface linked to my network. Its a remote control to my wireless devices =3 More updates soon!

  1. Steve says:

    I’ve resolved to wait for next year’s model, though I’m certainly envious of your shiny new toy! I love having new tech to play with.

  2. Crimotaku says:

    I did that exact thing when the iPhone came out. Waited for the iPhone that had its processing problem fixed. >.< .. i would have thought twice if i was getting the 3G model. But this iPad of mine was meant to be kept at home, and wont be leaving my den =3

    Unless i wanna share anime viewing with comrade otakus =D

  3. Steve says:

    So you just got the Wifi version? I think I’d do the same. I had kind of automatically assumed that I’d get a 3G version when I got one, but the more I’ve thought about it I don’t think I’d need it. Plus, it’s one less bill which is always a good thing!

  4. Crimotaku says:

    yeah i got the wifi version because like some people say, its pointless to have 3G on it. To me, the 3G features are just ‘shinny bling bling’ features to attract the fresh people.

    Yeah having a SIM card just for 3G and not making calls, kind of blows big time. It just made the SIM card more useless >.<

  5. Steve says:

    I wouldn’t say it’s pointless, but if you already have a smartphone it certainly has less appeal. It would be great to have Internet everywhere on the iPad if you were taking it out of the house all the time, but for general use I don’t think it’s necessary to have an iPhone and a 3G iPad.

    If you could have one data plan shared between both devices, I think I’d go for the 3G version. That would be very convenient, but I can’t imagine the telcos doing it.

    • Crimotaku says:

      I agree with what u mentioned there. I own an iPhone 3GS. But personally i would love the 3G on my phone. Just that Apple is schmuck enough to not allow Internet Tethering from iPhone 3GS to iPad (via bluetooth). The buggers.

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