H4K Meeting: Costumed Clowns

Posted: 30/05/2010 in Events, Life, Otaku Culture
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(Post copied from FigureFM)

Had a meeting with the non-profit fund raising organization called ‘Heroes 4 Kids (H4K)‘ .. and according to the memo we were supposed to bring costumes to inspire the new lady member (she’s a gymnastic trainer) who would be our blonde haired Supergirl =) What happens when u put a bunch costumers under the same roof, and give us too much free time? This!

During the premiere of Iron-Man 2, one of the members dressed up (made within a day) .. as ‘The Invincible Box Man’! It was a blast with the people watching the movie with us as well. Had good fun! .. But tonight, is a story, when the Empire finally meets this ‘Invincible Box Man’ .. =3

Blur pics because it was all candid shots! Gomen gomen!! I, ur friendly otaku-istic Otaku Trooper from Tasmania, Australia, will be going to Sydney Supanova convention from the 18th-20th June 2010! Will be there the whole day! If anyone from Australia/Sydney wants to meet up, twitter me or facebook me! Or leave me a comment at my current site, Unlimited Otaku Works!

The Invincible Box Iron Man from the Iron-Man 2 premiere!

We finally meet, Mr Box Iron-Man!

We cornered him! Or did we?

Apparently Box Iron-Man was a crack shot!

A pose towards the camera! Pew pew ^^

Good times! Making box costumes, but it was put to better use! Keeping us warm .. by tossing it into the fire place T-T

Submitting my 501st Legion Application pics by email

Had to take my 501st Legion Application pics to Terror Australis Garrison. I have delayed it long enough, and after roughly an hour of photo taking by my brother, i decided to mess around by taking these kind of pics ^^ Promoting my latest tech toy!

My iPad is nearly set up the way i want it to be ^^

  1. Fabrice says:

    Haha that must have been so fun, all eyes on him i guess XD

  2. Crimotaku says:

    We dont do it to impress, we do it for the fun factor for everyone ^^

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