Marvel Comics: Ultimate Universe's The Thing

Posted: 30/05/2010 in Anime/Manga
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Marvel Comics’ has a universe that can rival any good novel or manga story writer. To make things clear, first there was Marvel Comics, known to many as the Marvel Universe, an alternate dimension where comic heroes from Marvel Comics exists with similar experiences with our current world we call life/reality. Sometime in the year 2000, Marvel decided to make an alternate version of this Marvel Universe called the Ultimate Universe. The storylines are based on our reality, like a black American president, the Samuel L Jackson lookalike Nick Fury, and etc etc. The Ultimate storyline is based off our darker reality where its not so jolly and full of moral values from the early 80s.

Most of the movies, recreated from the old school original Marvel Universe were blended with specific facts from the Ultimate Universe. Like Parker having Photoshop skills, when in the 1980s, there was no such thing as Photoshop, etc etc etc. In this Ultimate storyline, something happened to the Ultimate The Thing, and i think its some sort of evolution. In the Marvel Universe, The Thing stayed as he is since he was printed in black and white paper bag comics. But with modern creativity and sophisticated reality, science and imagination of the writers, our lovable blue eyed champion turned into something unexpected .. going to read more about it in the following issue!

P.S. If you wanna know where to ‘learn’ more about Marvel Comics or happen to wanna read the western side of otaku-ism, we call fanboyism. Just send me a twit/email/FB msg, and i will set you up with the right links. Be careful, the Marvel Universe is intense, and unlike manga .. it does not have an ending within <500 manga volumes or <300 anime episodes.

What has .. happened .. to the Thing?!
First he broke up in the middle of a massive fight ..
He was under F4 monitored intense medical treatment ..
.. and then .. presto change-o! Like magic! But what did he turn into?
  1. Fabrice says:

    I stoped reading marvel ages ages ago. completly forgot about them actually, manga has priorotised ^^

  2. Crimotaku says:

    Yeah i know what u mean, i went thru that phase. But i cannot leave the other side of the world alone! ^^

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