Crimotaku Update: Facts

Posted: 01/06/2010 in Otaku Culture
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First thing first, putting comrade otakus as the main thing is important! Coz they are people! Friends! Comrades! YEOSH!! Ok ..

Tasmanian Otaku Blogger:
Fellow Tasmanian anime/otaku blogger @washi_ finally posted up his Otacool3 Submission. It was supposed to be posted weeks ago, like a week after mine, well .. better late than never!

One of Washi’s Otacool3 Submission

Secret Cosplay Revealed! And its an Animate character called the Anime Tenchou, Meito Anisawa!

The key parts are all there, cept for .. some ^^

Missing a few things to make the character appear richer in color. That would be a rich red apron (either i have to die it rich red or search the town for it), a pair of red comfy sneakers (always could use new sneakers, been a while) and new blue jeans? Gonna have to make an Animate theme badge and making a few extra props, like an Animate logo-ed satchel to keep stuff to pose with (Otacool magazines), and a book bag. I am hoping the book bag would be able to be made to look like, figma Konata’s paper bag. ^^

Figma Konata's paperbag >.<

Meet up with fellow DC Readers at Supanova Sydney! (If i find any ..)

Supanova Sydney 2010 Advertisement on FigureFM

Posted an advertisement to see if any DC Readers wanted to meet up when Supanova Sydney took place on FigureFM (Why? Coz its that easy to use!). How do we meet up? Will be trooping around in armor with either the SOS Brigade Armband or the Judgement Armband, or BOTH ^^ Did not really mention i had a secret cosplay planned for Supanova, this otaku trooper has to share his passion both ways. Pulled out of cosplay retirement, i finally found a long term character i can be at an anime convention without the armor!

  1. Dei says:

    Dohohohoho,you need to carry around anime goods to sell too XD And maybe a flag with the Animate logo :D

  2. Crimotaku says:

    ROFL, i plan to advertise but not sell any of my treasures =P

  3. Fabrice says:

    Love the view of washi’s submission ^^

  4. Crimotaku says:

    indeed, i was like WOW .. lets take a pic of that! when i saw it ^^

  5. Amy says:

    Love the view of washi’s submission ^^

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