Finally a decent close to accuracy post about Danny Choo!

Posted: 02/06/2010 in Life, Otaku Culture
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Comrade Trooper, Solomon ‘Wise’ Freeman, twitted this today and i found myself amazed at this one. Usually when it comes to international subjects and foreigners, Malaysia tend to give a quick summary, without any reference materials to support what they said. Same goes for movies and outside cultures. This blogger, Ian Yee @, posted an article about Danny Choo’s mee up in Kuala Lumpur last month. First, i went “Oh .. a dot com dot my blog, not bad .. better than The Star write up, then i realized .. HEY HE IS FROM THE STAR!!” They finally have a person on the inside who actually gives a crap about outside cultures and gets his facts straight.

Picture taken during the KL DC Meet up ^^

When it comes to Malaysia, the facts they most get right is when they are spoon fed and steal the info off another article. I mean, reporters and writers are supposed to research, access and write a story to the people from a neutral point of view. That is what a reporter is! The people deserves to know! (But in Malaysia, and like other countries, they dislike outside cultures interfering and brainwashing their people ..) I am amazed about this write up, and glad to know there is someone with a free mind inside The Star BLOGGING away!

Question i’d like to ask is, how come RAGE.COM.MY looks better than THESTAR.COM.MY website? Hmmmm ..

DC signed loot protected by Spartan Gixxer!

Oh yeah, still glad that i actually got this loot from the KL DC Meet Up, too bad its in Malaysia, but safely protected by Armored Bro, Spartan Gixxer ^^ *Armored Bro Fist*

  1. Fabrice says:

    Lucky you have that poster…in malaysia..

    Wow i didnt know malaysia was that strict with other countries about that O.o

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