Combined/Merged with Unlimited Otaku Works.

Posted: 03/06/2010 in Otaku Culture
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Just to be clear i wont be blogging here because i am merged with Unlimited Otaku Works @ .. Gonna trial there for a bit, already did a fair share of heavily focused mods to the website, but i will be doing my posts there. If all goes well, i would be posting there long term. Knowing myself, i can never stop blogging with the unique things i see in the world with my unique sense of humor that most mortals from my homeland rarely get. Guess it comes with how exposed the people are to cultures of the WWW or outside Malaysia!

Oh well, blogging on a new more pic obsessed site ^^ Sure there will always be disagreement and the site is not 100% run by one individual, but thats how it is. I can always fall back and return to this one and completely revamp it with massive updates, layout and posts. The point of the blog was to blog what i see and how i react to it! Not a typical stereotype fanboy who  just wants to learn the cool stuff! Being normal is boring! This blog is now official frozen in time! Until the prophesied Otaku Trooper has returned!


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