Nendo/Figma Tales: Daft Punk #2

Posted: 15/06/2010 in Cosplay, Crimotaku, Events, Figures
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The blog is undergoing some restructuring by Shazsteel, so i did not post this here till he was done, but like always, i dont like delaying and forgetting so here it goes anyways! Presenting this Nendo/Figma Tale of DC Reader, Major Gravy’s Daft Punk build up for Supanova Sydney 2010.

Whats going on?

Finally my own Wheel Walker! And its red!

Dont leave me!

Wait for me!

Dont u just love new toys?

Face plate and back head piece for the Daft Punk helmet

We tried experimental vacuum foaming for fun

Schematics to the hand plates.

See anything?

Its all black!

Hand plates first layer paint.

The Daft Punk frame!

  1. Fabrice says:

    WOw i really am wondering how this will turn out to be, Daft punk ftw!

    nice to see you got the ex:ride accessories, very useful =)

  2. Crimotaku says:

    Klee have two more days to complete it, will be posting an update soon ^^

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