Ooops .. I moved again~! *SINGS*

Posted: 07/07/2010 in Crimotaku
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It has been a good run when i blogged for free, staying hidden from .. well, noone .. then i joined UOW (Unlimited Otaku Works) as a joint post blog to make things more interesting, most importantly to share my points of view. But it was a short term thing since the site was gonna go down soon, and me? Give up blogging? No way! Why would i? If J Jonah Jameson told me to stop writing, i’d just leave the Daily Bugle and join Ben Urich at the Frontline! The difference? I wont be limited or censored, but the point is to speak up my mind as the way i am.

I aint exactly Marry Poppins, or the Pope, … or Maddox for the matter .. BUT .. i only put up a good front and pretend to be someone else if i am paid to be. Like Customer Support or Human Resource. So now presenting to my readers or internet trollers or whatevers, the new website which is mine, with a DOTCOM .. .. yep .. its all about free speech of an otaku/fanboy who happens to be a trooper. ‘Nuff said! Those that stick to religion/politics like a breathing the air .. CLICK HERE! (Must be 7 and below).


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