Hobart, one of the two cities in Tasmania. A small clean, green, fresh city of Australia. Where i come from, you could find new cig butts on every step!

About Crimson03’s Brog:

Inspired by many Figmas and Nendoroids blogs out there, so i decided to chip in to share with people and friends about the Japanese popular culture. Which would include stuff from manga, games, anime, and so on. This brog would also cover my other hobbies, such as comics and western animations (Comic related from Marvel, DC and etc) .. and the other experiences of the life style i have in Tasmania, Australia!


A combination of hills, less than 2 floor houses and shops. Unlike Malaysia, you do not smell the grime off the buildings. Its a heritage look all over the place, here in Tasmania. I like calm places, but the place also has ADSL2+, how can i complain?

About Me:

I often have a bad habit of bragging on and on. So this time, I am keeping it strictly to the point! But there are some things better not done that way, like .. I love listening to Gaijins speaking Japanese in Anime, makes me laugh so hard. I speak Mandarin and English. I actually learnt Mandarin by reading Mandarin translated mangas back in my home country. I wish to go to Japan, and want to learn Japanese! Every time I travel, i tend to be prepared by storing animes on my iPhone/PSP. People cannot sleep during travels forever, you know!

Recently (10th October, 2009), went to UTAS to find an anime club of cosplayers! Loving anime and seeing people act as them in real life, really gives me a fuzzy feeling! Wanting to attend as many anime/comic/game conventions as possible. The time i stop is when they stop airing anime in Japan! I do not have a fancy camera like most of the other bloggers, but in time, i would have one too! I just happen to like travelling light with a small 8Megapixel Camera and an iPhone.

Started collecting Figmas and Nendoroids too! Well, because i love reading comics/mangas and found it actually fun to use Figmas to describe my situation and experiences in short comic strips!


Konata: "Can't live without regular anime~~!"


Technically a tech otaku. I love technology and nearly cannot survive without sending text messages and emails! Some have claimed that i am a bandwidth wifi vampire. If I was kept far enough for tech and wifi access, i would turn into a dried up corpse! I do a bit of web programming (learnt it off the internet), video encoding, fansubbing, and network engineering. I am kind of the All-in-One handy otaku in tech and in tools! I tend to weep for the tech toys when they are used in the wrong way or kept to a minimal of its fullest potential. Other things I do, when motivated are Photoshop-ing and love to take pictures from “movie” angles (even when i have a crappy camera atm!).

Detailed Information:

Name: Jean Y. Sibert
Born & Raised: Penang, Malaysia
Current Location: Tasmania, Australia


  • Grew up watching Transformers, G.I.JOE, Marvel Comics, so go figure!


  • A calm environment surrounded by technology!
  • Random Kendo strike warm-ups
  • Swimming & Cycling


  • Closed Minded and One Sided people! (Its a creative world of random stuff we live in!)
  • Anything that does not have Quality Control


  • Comics/Manga
  • Anime
  • Movies & Series
  • Figmas / Nendoroids
  • Trooping (See 501st Legion for more details, or http://www.dannychoo.com)
  • Electronic stuff (Computers and networking)
  • Gaming (Consoles and the PC)

Character Style:

  • Fanatism to a professional level, not a retarded idiotic level like some douche bag wannabes
  • Living life as it passes
  • Grass is always greener
  • I told you so!
  • There is never enough MOE-ism!
  1. Shane says:

    What about Konata-ism, Shana-ism, or Haruhi-ism?!

  2. Ederuferuto says:

    You should have told me that you added me to your links!

    Added ya! ^^

  3. Shazzsteel says:

    just realized that “I told you so!” gets aimed towards me a lot…

  4. Surrender all your droids to me.

  5. eckotaku says:

    hi..uhmm..link exchange? hehe..i’m surprised xD

  6. Fabrice says:

    hello hi ^^

    After visiting your site quite a few times and liked it ^^ ,
    I would like to have a banner exchange with you. If that’s alright with you.

    Do i provide you with the banner ?
    and do you have a preferred banner?

    If not I’ll just create you one.

    Ive also decided to subcribe to your rss

    If you’re ok with everything, I’ll have your blogroll up asap

    Thank you for reading.
    Hope you get back to me soon. =DDD

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