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Nendo/Figma Tales: Rain

Posted: 01/06/2010 in Anime/Manga
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On the morning before the anime screening, it rained. Then it hit me, remembering about some posts by other comrades involving figma/nendo in the rain. So i decided to cry taking a comic scene that involved nature. Not a big fan of soil, but water will suffice! Since its not acid rain, i got nothing to complain about except for the cold fresh air ^^

Rained one morning, then Seto and Luna decided to get wet! ^^

And along came some curious ones ..

Not everyone is fond of swimming

Curiouser and curiouser!

But can mechas really swim?

Being curious can be both good and bad >.<

Swimming is fun most of the time, but there are always those that think we were not meant to swim at all -_-"

It started drizzling, then i pretty much packed like crazy and lost my groove to take pics T-T But its a good thing tho, i would have carried away and taken over 10 pics! I often get carried away which is why i cannot do 4komas =3


Marvel Comics’ has a universe that can rival any good novel or manga story writer. To make things clear, first there was Marvel Comics, known to many as the Marvel Universe, an alternate dimension where comic heroes from Marvel Comics exists with similar experiences with our current world we call life/reality. Sometime in the year 2000, Marvel decided to make an alternate version of this Marvel Universe called the Ultimate Universe. The storylines are based on our reality, like a black American president, the Samuel L Jackson lookalike Nick Fury, and etc etc. The Ultimate storyline is based off our darker reality where its not so jolly and full of moral values from the early 80s.

Most of the movies, recreated from the old school original Marvel Universe were blended with specific facts from the Ultimate Universe. Like Parker having Photoshop skills, when in the 1980s, there was no such thing as Photoshop, etc etc etc. In this Ultimate storyline, something happened to the Ultimate The Thing, and i think its some sort of evolution. In the Marvel Universe, The Thing stayed as he is since he was printed in black and white paper bag comics. But with modern creativity and sophisticated reality, science and imagination of the writers, our lovable blue eyed champion turned into something unexpected .. going to read more about it in the following issue!

P.S. If you wanna know where to ‘learn’ more about Marvel Comics or happen to wanna read the western side of otaku-ism, we call fanboyism. Just send me a twit/email/FB msg, and i will set you up with the right links. Be careful, the Marvel Universe is intense, and unlike manga .. it does not have an ending within <500 manga volumes or <300 anime episodes.

What has .. happened .. to the Thing?!
First he broke up in the middle of a massive fight ..
He was under F4 monitored intense medical treatment ..
.. and then .. presto change-o! Like magic! But what did he turn into?

Today, intended to go to Spotlight to buy the materials to finish up my TK vest MKII for the Heroes 4 Kids meeting i am attending this Saturday. Members were told to bring their costumes to show the new members what we are all about. Very similar to the 501st Legion, H4k (Heroes 4 Kids) is a non profit organization who does things for charity. This kind of organization makes it possible for cosplayers to appear in public without a convention. Being able to do what we love doing, being in character in costume! But before all that, i have to finish the alterations to my TK vest MKII in my previous post.

At around noon, i was scheduled to meet the Kamina cosplayer (Gurren Lagann), lets call him CH for now at the otaku shop called Niko Niko. By the time i arrived, he already bought a bathroom poster for his friend’s birthday present. Met up, had lunch, then comrade Wakaranai called and decided to meet up. Ended up going to my place (after Wakaranai aka Washi, decided to buy a poster from Niko Niko). Swapped anime, gave Washi his ordered Limited Edition Lucky Star Shrine Maiden loot from Irudono and etc. Had a couple of rounds of Super Street Fighter IV with CH.

Gathering at Otaku Trooper’s Hideout
Loot brought along by the fellow otakus
CH showing me his Limited Edition FSN Novel Game
LE FSN comes with a nice hardcover and a colored artbook
Lucky for me, my laptop has a decent amount of USB ports
When Black (PC) meets White (Mac). Both HDDs owned by CH. Used for anime swapping.
Not only did he bring HDDs but also some of his anime DVDs. Notice kyouka puchi being harassed in the back >.<
The figmas and nendos also wanted in on some camera whore action
There was a time when Saber was just a game character, but it has come a long way. From novel game to anime/manga to figma.
Shiro was also released as a figma, cannot wait for Rider to be released in June as well. June is FSN loot month for nendos and figmas!

Today I am gonna pick up my vest that i designed for my TK armor (also designed for future armors, like the cyborg ninjas from MK ^^) .. ended up responding from a tweet from a comrade that was working today at JB Hifi! Chatted and all that, also met up with other costumer spies within JB Hifi! Went to Niko Niko after that, and found out they restocked on new posters! All waterproof ones =) They had a reasonable collection from Bleach, Naruto, Gurren Lagann, Lucky Star, Haruhi, Ouran High School Host Club, Higurashi, When Seagulls Cry .. and .. well .. quite a few to list! Like always! Posting pics to show and less blah blah boring text of failness!

Gurren Lagann

Gurren Lagann cast taking a break and jamming =3

Lucky Star <3

Wishing for a Lucky Star <3

Lucky Star @ Karaoke :3

Lucky Star cast karaoke-ing! =P

Today I went to K&D to buy some hardware, it all started with just thinking  of getting a nice table lamp for myself and the puchis for their photography. But being a tool nut and a computer geek and all, i tend to give in to my crafty needs when i enter a hardware shop. Its like girls at a supermarket sale, but involves guys and hardware! I was planning to do this post on a later date but because someone on twitter +1-ed that i should do another Nendo/Figma Tales, the idea hit me! The idea was fresh, the mood and environment was perfect! Perfectly dark!

So here we go, night photography in the pitch black and also showing off the loot i acquired in May 2010!

Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright 1/6

Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright 2/6

Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright 3/6

Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright 4/6

Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright 5/6

Nendo/Figma Tales: Night Fright 6/6

Been blogging for a while, and i dont mean for eons or all eternity. If i last recall, it was in 2009 when i started blogging again after a long retirement (because i joined the work force!) .. but the time has come for me to move on .. and merge into a website that is run by 3 otakus! Yeah .. sure .. the URL may seem like DOTA is in it .. but .. our new blog is called ..

Unlimited Otaku Works

We are trying to think of a banner, and would love if other willing otakus out there would help us make a banner too! Intending to have a banner that rotates among a series of banners made by comrades!

See ya comrades on the other side! I mean .. site!!

Thanks to all the stockpiled loot i been getting lately, i finally decided to release the ninkyo nendoroid petites from their plastic prison! These are known to be limited edition loot that only comes with the limited edition Seto no Hanayome OVA DVDs! XD

Finally released from their plastic prison .. introductions are at hand!

GSC Nendoroid Petites from Seto no Hanayome!

Lets hope for a happy happy future! Neh~~~~