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Loot arrived one day and found out it belonged to neither my Ebay crazy housemates or myself, but in fact, it was addressed to my brother. Being a console gamer lover (not my fault!), he bought his own Square Enix/Konami Metal Solid Peacewalker: Big Boss (Naked Snake). To me, its like magic, coz he got really motivated to take pics of his latest loot. This is a bit different, because this one happens to be his life long favourite! Which is somehow different when compared to crazy otakus who buy everything kawaii whether he needs it or not. Haha! I choose my loot, because i have watched/read it and liked them characters, pretty much runs the same with my bro. The good thing is, now i can borrow a ‘Naked Snake’ when i want ^^

These pics were altered using Adobe Light Room 2. Spot the difference? Not really, just tweaking and patching it up =3

Now this wasnt my loot! (Crimotaku)

MG Peacewalker's Naked Snake/Big Boss

Look at that face! Detailed with wrinkles!

Ball joints are perfectly hidden. No screws or figma like joints!

Didnt expect mGlacius to make a comic skit ^^

Even got my nekos involved to amplify kawaii-ness!!

As long as u have a tactical shield, u can avoid the Cactuar's deadly 10,000 needles attack! (1 needle = 1dmg)

With a face like that, its like, they painted a face and gave it realistic plastic sugery!

The horribad FREE loot given by fake Stormtrooper ADIDAS sneaker sellers ^^

Yep! Those were the bribes given by the anonymous fake sneaker sellers that try to sell the Limited Edition ADIDAS X STAR WARS sneakers online. If you read my journeys as the Otaku Trooper or at least browsed the Crimotaku/UOW blog, u’d see the massive difference. The internet is an awesome place to find what u cannot find  near u, but always remember there will always be scammers in our world. Cheap retarded schmucks who try to exploit the trust of our internet community and con the world of their money.

There will be rempits (Malaysian gangsters), gangsters, and degenerates, but its human nature to be greedy .. and stupid. But thats just how the world works in a nutshell ^^


Sure there was Street Fighter IV then Super Street Fighter IV, but how else can i resist a good old school 2D fighting game? The 3D ones well, lets say i just don’t like it when people get the smarts and start using the 3D map and run all over the place avoiding being KO-ed or beaten! Haha! I am a gamer that must have a fatality-type, either i be dominated or my opponents do! Bwhahahah!! So here we go! New pics of Marvel VS Capcom 3!

Marvel VS Capcom 3 PS3 Bluray Cover

And there we go! The full Marvel VS Capcom 3 Episode 1 Game Trailer!

Today, intended to go to Spotlight to buy the materials to finish up my TK vest MKII for the Heroes 4 Kids meeting i am attending this Saturday. Members were told to bring their costumes to show the new members what we are all about. Very similar to the 501st Legion, H4k (Heroes 4 Kids) is a non profit organization who does things for charity. This kind of organization makes it possible for cosplayers to appear in public without a convention. Being able to do what we love doing, being in character in costume! But before all that, i have to finish the alterations to my TK vest MKII in my previous post.

At around noon, i was scheduled to meet the Kamina cosplayer (Gurren Lagann), lets call him CH for now at the otaku shop called Niko Niko. By the time i arrived, he already bought a bathroom poster for his friend’s birthday present. Met up, had lunch, then comrade Wakaranai called and decided to meet up. Ended up going to my place (after Wakaranai aka Washi, decided to buy a poster from Niko Niko). Swapped anime, gave Washi his ordered Limited Edition Lucky Star Shrine Maiden loot from Irudono and etc. Had a couple of rounds of Super Street Fighter IV with CH.

Gathering at Otaku Trooper’s Hideout
Loot brought along by the fellow otakus
CH showing me his Limited Edition FSN Novel Game
LE FSN comes with a nice hardcover and a colored artbook
Lucky for me, my laptop has a decent amount of USB ports
When Black (PC) meets White (Mac). Both HDDs owned by CH. Used for anime swapping.
Not only did he bring HDDs but also some of his anime DVDs. Notice kyouka puchi being harassed in the back >.<
The figmas and nendos also wanted in on some camera whore action
There was a time when Saber was just a game character, but it has come a long way. From novel game to anime/manga to figma.
Shiro was also released as a figma, cannot wait for Rider to be released in June as well. June is FSN loot month for nendos and figmas!

Been doing nothing special for the past few days, but the blog still needs blogging. To summarize it all up, just gonna post a few pictures i uploaded onto twitter over the past few days. Least it is better than staying at home doing nothing! Oh yeah .. also submitted for Otacool 3 Submission at Danny Choo’s. Hope i get into the magazine, unless like a zillion Malaysians submit too, then it would just be a chance if i could appear in the book >_< I have a pretty spartan and simple layout, but my workplace is my workplace. Its meant to be how i like it to be!

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Keyboard keys E, M and N faded out ..

After years of gaming in Malaysia, actually 6 months of WoW in the year 2008 (played it since it first came out before all the expansions) .. i finally quit. These scars of ‘war’ are the only proof i have played Blizzard’s World of Warcraft!

StarCraft 2 painting on wall in local JB Hifi store! Impressive!

Went to JB Hifi today and only saw Mark (codename Wookie among the Heroes 4 Kids), amazed to see someone painting/drawing a StarCraft 2 art on the wall of JB Hifi. Such skills to prepare for the game that is coming out in July 2010.

Finally opened up my Nendoroid 27a Konata Izumi with neko ears!

Finally opened my long waited loot booked from the otaku shop, Niko Niko. Nadia was nice enough to inform me via Facebook that it arrived. Hyped enough that i did not even open up my Seto no Hanayome puchis yet. Guess my love for Izumi Konata is higher than Edomae Lunar-sama! TwT

Usually its pretty rare for me to blog about my homeland called Malaysia. With all the racism that happens back home that THEY denies .. well .. lets just say that Hitler was reborn again Malaysian or so to speak. Being Malaysian, its tough, because people tend to stereotype Malaysians, but what makes it worse is .. Malaysia is multicultural, yo! Fo shizzle ma twizzle and all that hut hut snoopety dawg nonsense, yo! Found this clip on youtube when i was checking out Just Cause 2 (By Square Enix) for the PS3, and i found it simply amazing!!

Pretty much speaks to my soul, because i get it from time to time back home in Malaysia, that i have an artificial accent and i am Malaysian. However, like some countries, they expect me to be Muslim Malay because i am MALAY-sian. But whaever, this dude, Benedict Sachdev, is pretty bad ass. Used to be in Melbourne, Australia, if i only came sooner i would gone all out to meet the guy during my convention trips! Putting people into categories and stereotyping them is a form of racism as well. I can pretty racist, depending on how racist the person i am speaking to is.

If they go like .. “White people are all fat and violent!” .. “Asian ppl share their spit from hotpot dishes and became a reason of the world’s bio hazard ..” and all that, then yeah. That person would be getting a whole shit load of racism from me. Why? Dude? I am from Malaysia! The very cesspool of racism because we are so multi-cultured. We live and survive through racism. But sadly to me, 1Malaysia is just a political scheme to put the Malays .. sorry, THE MALAYS .. oh sorry, i did it again .. 1Malaysia is a political scheme to put THE UNITED PEOPLE back into power.

If you ask me, I believe that did happen before, what was it called? Oh yes! Nazism! Get rid of all the impure humans out of the country and let the uber-men have their glorious country back!

Saber playing the PS2 <3

I always wanted to do this shot but i had been slacking with day to day life. The moment i relax and play a game or watch anime, i forget to do this scene for my blog. This time, i was completely hyped and motivated to do so, because of a certain addition to my otaku den! A bean bag! Sitting on the floor just does not cut it for me ever since i moved from my old place. So i decided to add a little something!

Excited about the bean bag, but one cant have too much bean bag fillings!

Originally planned to go to a biker shop to get a black rubber thingie that is often seen to go around the neck or visor part of helmets, but ended up going to K-Mart with my housemates instead! Was messing around town and the topic popped up .. “Hey lets get some bean bags! It’s be awesome!” and we did! 3 schmucks going to K-Mart ended up picking up a copy of the PS3’s Dark Void (by Capcom) for AUD25. Good deal, i’d say!

Bought the PS3's Dark Void by Capcom at K-Mart for 25 dollars! Epic find! XD

Cannot wait to try this game out since i played the demo, but for that to happen i have to finish Final Fantasy 13 which i have been stalling for the last few weeks T_T

All comfy and cosy on my new bean bag =3

After finally filling out the bean bag, this was the result! Lazy and all! I mean, comfortable and cosy! The thing about bean bags is they dont really turn out how they are on the picture, but for me, the harder and stuffed it is, the more i like it! I just prefer it that way desu! <3

FigureFM Post available @

With the internet missing from my life, i have been pretty proactive preparing my hideout with some new upgrades. Sure, i have not been able to post to my blog, but it does not mean i wont be able to take pictures of my nendo/figmas!

Finally forked out some cash to buy what i was lacking for my PS3

I dont think u can use ur leeks to play with these, Miku >.<

After a small visit from otaku comrade, Washi .. my HDD turned obsolete, thus making me buy a new one.

750GB worth of storage goodness! Even more compact than my previous 250GB passport HDD >.<

The Logitech Drum Set was actually bought by my younger bro, but that wasnt the only thing he bought

These drumsticks meant quite a big thing to my music fanatic younger bro >.<

Could not resist doing this scene for my Nendo Petits! >.< They look so delicious!

With these, i can now communicate with my fellow Sony PS3 Network gamers!

Now, i am prepared for Washi's 2nd Impact .. bring it on!

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