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Kuala Lumpur, prob the biggest city in Malaysia. Country of humid Summer-like weather with monsoons. I visited KL during the time of the monsoon so it rained a bit. But like some foreigners there, especially when u adapted to Tasmanian cold, we just loved the warm rain. Not too hot, not too cold!

Sharing some pics of my journey back to KL while meeting up with some of the otaku comrades ^^ During my 2 day stay in KL, i wasted no time getting things running, from meetups to getting loot!

The people i met were: WiseFreeman, ZamsJournal, lerrymaru, KururugiSeiryuu, Laniemon

Landed in LCCT (one of the two airports in Malaysia) and headed straight for Port Dickson. This was my view.

One thing i didnt notice was .. red lights means its full, green means the lot is vacant! KL is seriously infested with cars, and this makes car parking way better!

The loot i found at Lowyat Plaza. Good place for electronics. Bought some stuff for my camera and armor upgrades and etc

The DC Reader/Otaku Comrades i met in Kuala Lumpur. Ended up having lunch at Pizza Hut near Lot10. The picture is blur coz i asked someone to take a pic for us, i knew i should have given him a crash course!

Finally at the Melbourne Airport on the way back.

Playing with the Fisheye lens when i got back.

Then playing with the Macro lens!

How close can i go?

Neko shots!

Angry neko shots!

Trying to get close to Kyouka's bell, and yep, thats TIMTAM =3

When u see detail .. U DO SEE DETAILS .. makes me wanna clean my room again! The dust of 10 days when i was gone since Supanova >.<

And thats about it, a quick trip back home, and back to my humble home of high tech-ness. Sometimes i wonder how can they stand doing business with fax machines and all that. I mean, its the age of PDF and email attachments and such! Well, I love Malaysia has a hometown, but it seriously needs to get into the tech savvy world >.<


Comrade Trooper, Solomon ‘Wise’ Freeman, twitted this today and i found myself amazed at this one. Usually when it comes to international subjects and foreigners, Malaysia tend to give a quick summary, without any reference materials to support what they said. Same goes for movies and outside cultures. This blogger, Ian Yee @, posted an article about Danny Choo’s mee up in Kuala Lumpur last month. First, i went “Oh .. a dot com dot my blog, not bad .. better than The Star write up, then i realized .. HEY HE IS FROM THE STAR!!” They finally have a person on the inside who actually gives a crap about outside cultures and gets his facts straight.

Picture taken during the KL DC Meet up ^^

When it comes to Malaysia, the facts they most get right is when they are spoon fed and steal the info off another article. I mean, reporters and writers are supposed to research, access and write a story to the people from a neutral point of view. That is what a reporter is! The people deserves to know! (But in Malaysia, and like other countries, they dislike outside cultures interfering and brainwashing their people ..) I am amazed about this write up, and glad to know there is someone with a free mind inside The Star BLOGGING away!

Question i’d like to ask is, how come RAGE.COM.MY looks better than THESTAR.COM.MY website? Hmmmm ..

DC signed loot protected by Spartan Gixxer!

Oh yeah, still glad that i actually got this loot from the KL DC Meet Up, too bad its in Malaysia, but safely protected by Armored Bro, Spartan Gixxer ^^ *Armored Bro Fist*

(Post copied from FigureFM)

Had a meeting with the non-profit fund raising organization called ‘Heroes 4 Kids (H4K)‘ .. and according to the memo we were supposed to bring costumes to inspire the new lady member (she’s a gymnastic trainer) who would be our blonde haired Supergirl =) What happens when u put a bunch costumers under the same roof, and give us too much free time? This!

During the premiere of Iron-Man 2, one of the members dressed up (made within a day) .. as ‘The Invincible Box Man’! It was a blast with the people watching the movie with us as well. Had good fun! .. But tonight, is a story, when the Empire finally meets this ‘Invincible Box Man’ .. =3

Blur pics because it was all candid shots! Gomen gomen!! I, ur friendly otaku-istic Otaku Trooper from Tasmania, Australia, will be going to Sydney Supanova convention from the 18th-20th June 2010! Will be there the whole day! If anyone from Australia/Sydney wants to meet up, twitter me or facebook me! Or leave me a comment at my current site, Unlimited Otaku Works!

The Invincible Box Iron Man from the Iron-Man 2 premiere!

We finally meet, Mr Box Iron-Man!

We cornered him! Or did we?

Apparently Box Iron-Man was a crack shot!

A pose towards the camera! Pew pew ^^

Good times! Making box costumes, but it was put to better use! Keeping us warm .. by tossing it into the fire place T-T

Submitting my 501st Legion Application pics by email

Had to take my 501st Legion Application pics to Terror Australis Garrison. I have delayed it long enough, and after roughly an hour of photo taking by my brother, i decided to mess around by taking these kind of pics ^^ Promoting my latest tech toy!

My iPad is nearly set up the way i want it to be ^^

I know there are two sides of a war out there, the Mac users and the Computer users. Both sides having an eternal battle going at each others’ throats till the end of time. Always hearing the lines, ‘The Mac sucks’ .. ‘Computers suck at processing!’ .. ‘iPhone/iPad/iPod sucks and its overpriced!’ .. and all that. Actually i kind of disagree with the last statement, because the price is based on how established the country is. If its a country with a bad economy with low salaries and all that, yeah .. definitely its overpriced! But there are countries out there, where grocery shop staff afford BMWs at the age of 24 and all that. The world is fair, just that politics and the mentality of some people/government aint!

Back to the loot, the iPad. I am planning to do a Youtube video blog on the otaku things an anime/tech otaku can do with the iPad! Its not about how useful it is .. its all about how u use it! Just like every other tool, the biggest flaw of the tool .. *drum rolls* .. IS THE USER!! So here are a few fun pics i snapped while opening the box. Currently i am in the phase of setting up my iPad and making sure its otaku-ish enough! =) Just for record, those mooks out there crying about app issues when they switch from the iPhone to the iPad, screw u! Its all about patience when it comes to new toys =)

Introducing ..

.. a new Apple product! The iPad!

The iPad is an extension of the computer/mac. I pity the fools who buy it and cry about it not being as good as a computer/mac.

Like the iPhone, you barely need the manual! Unlike some other devices where u need to at least read the manual.

For the moment, the iPad functions as the portable mini screen interface linked to my network. Its a remote control to my wireless devices =3 More updates soon!

With one more week to Heroes 4 Kids day where i get to suit up as a Stormtrooper, this weekend i was asked out to go check out Hobart’s Dog Show Day @ Botanical Gardens! While i was there i was pretty amazed about how many pooch lovers there were in Australia. Back home in Malaysia, most public events like these would only involve ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ .. the pedigree of expensive bought dogs. Dogs bred in captivity to only have two purposes: Impress people with discipline & Just be pretty. But in Australia, its slightly .. or massively different from back home (Malaysia).

Dogs over here are smart, obedient, friendly .. even to babies .. and just look so naturally good looking! Thanks to the 4 seasons! Some dogs were so big, they pretty much dwarf asians like me! Haha. Oh well, less blabbing .. more pics! Finally got to use my 55m+ lens too! Sniping random shops from a known position!

DSC_0587Dog owners and their pooches chilling on the hill sides of the Botanical Gardens. One of the many hills.

DSC_0592These two pooches are born siblings.


This pooch gave me the ‘Watcha lookin’ at, punk?!’ look.


Unlike Malaysian pooches, pooches are brought up like family members. Even young children can walk their canine family members. There was a time, i met a dog and an infant by themselves, but the dog made sure no one approached the infant till the mom came back. >_<

DSC_0642This is one of the massive sized dogs. Big, slobbery and wrinkly all over! A form of cuteness!


This dog knows how to chill, cut back, and relax!


Another thing you dont see in Asian countries, carrying ur babies made easy! Baby in a backpack! Asian people back home in Malaysia dont tend to do this, due to certain beliefs.


Another cute shot of a mutt! <3


This dog was a bit unique, it would look wherever the owner was looking XD


Size does matter. This was one of the two super sized dogs i have seen at the event. Look at that size and shaggy fur!


Now for some action Summer Shots! This kid was enjoying summer by rolling down the hill >_<


.. and the kid left his hat somewhere midway when he was rolling .. rolling .. rolling down the hill~~! *singing*

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