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During my presence here in Hobart, Tasmania of Australia, Danny Choo went to Malaysia (my birthplace in this mortal world) for some business and personal time with his family. The Tokyo Dancing Trooper also happens to be the son of Jimmy Choo, the designer! Both the parents of DC (Danny Choo) originated from Malaysia but moved to the UK and there is where DC was spawned onto this mortal world, we call Earth! According to DC, it was 15 years since the last time he actually came back to see his parents. Imagine that! Wonder if i would ever go thru that phase in my lifetime.

Danny Choo arrived in Kuala Lumpur and was greeted by fellow otakus and twitter followers at the KLIA. DC came to Malaysia with a couple of missions:

  • Meet his parents and spend some time with them
  • Meet otakus
  • Business to possibly set up a branch business in Kuala Lumpur (Possible? If it happens i will blog about it in later posts anyways)

He visited KL but also made a day trip back to Penang for a couple of hours by plane, but unlike his KL arrival, he snuck pass the otaku squad that was waiting for him. Maybe due to needing personal time with family! Its the logical thing to do when coming to visit the land of your parents or ancestors.

Sad for me was i didn’t get to be there to be part of the welcoming group in Kuala Lumpur. I would have worn the armor with a red banchou armband and welcome him with a white signboard written “WELCOME TO MALAYSIA DANNY CHOO”. Fearing i would miss most of the trips he would make to Malaysia during my presence here in Australia, 2 otaku comrades got involved in helping me get a signature from the Tokyo Dancing Trooper himself!

Picture taken by DC reader, Kururugi Seiryuu. Signature by Danny Choo himself, mission carried out by DC reader, Master Chief (Gixxer), event planned out by DC clone/reader, WiseFreeman

Thanks to Master Chief (Gixxer) for helping getting the Lucky Star Bathroom Poster from Little Akiba (KL), Solomon Freeman aka WiseFreeman for setting up the meetings and plans with Danny Choo and the other otakus, and also Kururugi Seiryuu for this picture he sent to me via MSN indicating that the signing mission by Master Chief Gixxer has been accomplished! =)

Otaku comrade, Master Chief Gixxer from CF2009. Will be seeing him again in CF2010!


Usually its pretty rare for me to blog about my homeland called Malaysia. With all the racism that happens back home that THEY denies .. well .. lets just say that Hitler was reborn again Malaysian or so to speak. Being Malaysian, its tough, because people tend to stereotype Malaysians, but what makes it worse is .. Malaysia is multicultural, yo! Fo shizzle ma twizzle and all that hut hut snoopety dawg nonsense, yo! Found this clip on youtube when i was checking out Just Cause 2 (By Square Enix) for the PS3, and i found it simply amazing!!

Pretty much speaks to my soul, because i get it from time to time back home in Malaysia, that i have an artificial accent and i am Malaysian. However, like some countries, they expect me to be Muslim Malay because i am MALAY-sian. But whaever, this dude, Benedict Sachdev, is pretty bad ass. Used to be in Melbourne, Australia, if i only came sooner i would gone all out to meet the guy during my convention trips! Putting people into categories and stereotyping them is a form of racism as well. I can pretty racist, depending on how racist the person i am speaking to is.

If they go like .. “White people are all fat and violent!” .. “Asian ppl share their spit from hotpot dishes and became a reason of the world’s bio hazard ..” and all that, then yeah. That person would be getting a whole shit load of racism from me. Why? Dude? I am from Malaysia! The very cesspool of racism because we are so multi-cultured. We live and survive through racism. But sadly to me, 1Malaysia is just a political scheme to put the Malays .. sorry, THE MALAYS .. oh sorry, i did it again .. 1Malaysia is a political scheme to put THE UNITED PEOPLE back into power.

If you ask me, I believe that did happen before, what was it called? Oh yes! Nazism! Get rid of all the impure humans out of the country and let the uber-men have their glorious country back!

This week? Pretty much nothing happened, but looked forward to planning and getting a gift for a housemate! Love shopping for creative presents, on the eve of her birthday i found some random scenes i could maybe blog about. Things that interested me in a creative whacky way .. found this scene in Australia’s grocery shop called Woolsworth. For 5 dollars worth of leeks, i could prob think of something cheesy in the future pictures in armor!

Should i just get two for kicks and pose in figma Kagamiku and Nendo Kagamiku's background?

Gee .. i wonder what country he is from?

One of the unique things about Australia is vehicle owners can register custom number/alphabet plates for their vehicles. Gee .. this one was pretty obvious where he came from. But it’d really help if he drove a Korean car instead >.<

Stan "The Man" Lee, Creator of all that is Marvel Comics.

Mostly known as Stan “The Man” Lee (Wiki details here). Pretty much known as the man living the dream, closest godlike being into creating his own world, The Marvel Universe. What is the Marvel Universe? Well, you see, when authors write things like Harry Potter or Twilight, its no different from making a very big island full of characters. But happens if you push that a bit further, like making not just one .. but multiple worlds of characters, different time lines, alternate realities and all that? What if you made an entire universe of all original characters living in a comic reality that can somehow relate to our very own reality? That is what the Marvel Universe is. Similar to Star Wars and Star Trek, fictional characters that we grew up reading and the characters have been “living” with us for many many years.

Sure, there are people going, “Oh Iron-Man/Spider-Man/Fantastic Four/Hulk/etc is bad ass! They are all NEW MOVIES!” .. but these guys are as old as its creator, Stan Lee. I always get amazed to see new viewers first experiences when watching these “new movies”. But currently in our world, the movie industry is running out of new ideas, so what do they do? They dig up old ones! Why? Because its either we forgot them (except me, i love reading about them) or the people are just too young to realized they already existed.  So people would ask “What is Marvel Comics? Is it new?” which usually let me end up saying “Boy .. Marvel Comics was around before you even existed in the world or maybe diapers!”

Enough of the old stuff chat and in with the new .. Stan Lee extended his reach to the Japanese anime industry, where instead of being immortalized in his comics, series or movies .. he is now immortalized in an anime called Heroman! (Wiki details here)

Heroman, picture taken from CurrentAnime

Personal Summary: Boy finds broken electronic remote control toy abandoned by rich kids that do not appreciate anything. Takes it home, fixes it, somehow gets zapped by an alien ray that caused a weird lightning storm to pop up, zaps toy and poof. Its alive! Heroman! Heroman in its full form has the colors of Captain America (Red, White, Blue .. duuuuhhh). The anime is set in an american typical teenager comic theme: Teenagers, high school, jock bullies, cheerleaders .. sound familiar? Like the typical American comic. The art is done by Bones, whom are responsible for awesome animes like Eureka Seven, Sword of the Stranger and the current (and previous) Fullmetal Alchemist!

Heroman = Ben 10 (Has a watch), Captain America (The colors), Iron-Man (The tech), Back to the Future (“Nearly Mad” Scientist friend), Alien Invasions, .. and the final touch .. tossing in some Transformer fonts!

When i first saw episode 01, i was amazed .. and guess who made a cameo appearance? “The Man” himself!

Same hairstyle and shades .. the never changing .. was it a coincidence?

The moment he turned, it was bloody obvious!

I went all Fanboy/Otaku mode the moment i saw this. Looking forward to more of the series! Who is Stan Lee? Why is he important? Summary? The God of all that is Superhero Fiction! What was he involved in? Plenty!

The list of what he got involved in:

  • Wolverine
  • Fantastic Four
  • Spider-Man
  • X-Men
  • Heroes
  • G.I.Joe
  • Transformers
  • Blade
  • Daredevil
  • Elektra
  • Hulk
  • Captain America (movie coming soon)
  • Thor (movie coming soon)
  • Avengers (movie coming soon)
  • .. and the list goes on starting from the 1940s to 2010!

George Lucas has retired and Steven Spielberg is close to retiring as well .. with these two movie/fiction gods gone, that would make Stan Lee the last fiction god from the old ages that lived thru black and white television and lived long enough to see the age of Bluray and mp3s!

Me and a mate posing the evil baddy pose at a Birthday Party!

Been missing for a while, but to summarize it all up ..

  • Moved out of old hideout on the 27th March
  • Was cut off the internet from 27th March 2010, survived on 3G
  • 10th April 2010, iiNet got my internet up on a Saturday
  • Crimotaku Systems are now online
  • Had a house warming party and a birthday on the 7th April

A long list of Marvel Comics have been downloaded and a couple of torrents stockpiled up (Heroman, Eden of the East movie, Haruhi movie, etc). Lots of catching up to do. Can blog and flickr once again without seeing my iPhone’s prepaid credits being drained away by overusing my quota on my mobile. Re-wired the house to a more elegant layout to prevent housemates from tripping over my lines and causing Ragnarok. More updates coming soon! Yataaaaa!!

The ISP i happen to be using is called iiNet, but in Australia there is another ISP called AAnet. This makes it confusing for me because of the strong similarity in the Aussie accent of A and I, which makes these two ISPs sound so similar. Its been sluggish for 2-3 days now. Well i thought they fixed it a couple of days back, but its a good thing, because i am moving and transfering my iiNet Phone/Broadband bundled plan to my new place, hopefully i would skip this horrible slowdown of internet experience! Haha. iiNet tech support called me today, just to inform me that the new place has not had any phone lines installed before. This would mean that i would have to pay .. again .. 300 bucks .. to get the phone lines installed and activated, which could take up to 3 business days.

Oh well, less blabbing with my QQ life and all that .. and here is a funny i found on facebook =)

Real Life Technical Difficulties:

Having some issues with Windows Live Photo Gallery uploader to Flickr. But seems like the source is either Flickr (I can email upload, but not direct upload via website) or my ISP (iiNet). Been having some iiNet slowdown issues lately, due to some disaster that happened in Western Australia. I was not the only one in Hobart to experience this. Even other friends with different ISPs suffered as well. But their reaction to it was not so dramatic like mine. Haha! But that didnt slow me down. But to keep uploading and heavy editing to a minimum .. it never really stopped me from FigureFM posting!

Also saw the new place i will be moving into, already moved most of my otaku goods and push bike over there. The moment the internet service is cut from this current home. I am vanishing like a ninja and moving in, while waiting for the internet and phone to be set up at the new place. Will be having pics of it soon! XD


That's love. You got to tell him how you feel.

Well, Yu-kun might leave tomorrow ..

.. or aliens may come to abduct him ..

.. the 2nd Impact may happen tomorrow ..

.. or the Ishbal War.

Kafuka Fuura GACC 2010 Cosplayer from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

  • Also found another person from FigureFM, related to the GACC event in Malaysia (Malacca, MMU. Its a Uni). The person is nicknamed E-Jump @ FigureFM (, and he/she posted “GACC 2010 Cosplay Gallery“. Some pretty awesome shots. E-Jump also mentioned that he/she made it to OTACOOL2’s back cover. I should really get the book and start stalking .. i mean, meeting up with Malaysian Cosplayers =)

By the time, this post was made. Flickr and Windows Live Photo Gallery & iiNet seemed to have recovered. The last batch of Flickr uploads regarding my event, Bonnie Babes Kidsfest 2010 @ Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens (21st March 2010) would have already been in the process of uploading. But when ‘The End of Days’ hit me, i still stubbornly and managed to do a FigureFM post “Crimotaku Journal: Bonnie Babes Kidsfest 2010“.

Heroes 4 Kids @ Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens for Bonnie Babes Kidsfest 2010