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When it comes to pop culture, may it be otakuism or fanboyism, i have always mentioned there were the same thing. The only difference, like technology regions, is the region. One came from the West and the other from the East. Made quite a couple of friends at Supanova Sydney 2010, exchanging cards and such. Ran out of cards at 1400hrs of Day02 Supanova. But never stopped me from introducing myself as the Otaku Trooper. I am a Network Engineer, its what i do, i build networks passively. So many ways, twitter/email/blog addresses you name it. I never ask for a phone number because that is like the direct connection to a person’s soul. You dont ask for it unless both are willing or u just happen to know the person really well!

This post was made using Windows Live Writer, recently updated @ 1700hrs, 04 June 2010. Made without using the downloaded template and i am eager to find out how it goes. Offline blog posting is way easier than relying on the internet all the time. I did this for my old blog, but that didnt go well due to compatibility issues (WordPress 1.9 to 2.0).

Today’s post is about a comrade, that does an awesome Darth Vader, member of the 501st Legion, that i met in Supanova. When it comes to costumers/cosplayers i like to learn about their background and know how they turned into fanboy/otakus. This Darth Vader happened to be Wolverine aka John Howlett of the X-Men (as seen in the comics and animated series, and movies). He did a wonderful Wolverine! I was pretty much asking him on Facebook if he could get me a pair of Wolvie claws and mail them to me. So it would go well with the 3 key items i want to have. The marks of the Avengers, a Shield (shield), Helmet (armor), and Claws (weapon).

Snikt! Snikt! Bring it on, mate! I mean “bub!”

Costume is based off the X-Men movies, takes an Aussie to pull of a Hugh Jackman!

I can SNIKT! too!

I so want a pair of these!

Hmmm .. this editor doesnt support CSS scripting which kind of rules out the Caption codes >.< This is the part where comrade Shazzsteel is gonna go “HOHO” and “HEHE” since i would  be using the same format as him now. Le sigh. But in future posts i will still put captions can it looks neater =)

This happens to be Wolvie’s/Vader’s Room before he boxed it up!

But according to him, now its a trillion times worse! LOL. So far after looking thru a room like that, i think this fanboy can rival any otaku room on this planet! (Ok, seriously, so CAPTIONS work on YOUTUBE vids?!) Hmmm, tried the code but it was using DIVs instead of CAPTION CSS style codes. Guess i would have to edit future posts with a CSS compatible editor! This post remains unedited, except for the Thumbnail pic i have to add in for the front page.


Earlier this week, on a certain cloudy Monday, Hobart otaku comrade, Wakaranai SMSed me and asked me if i was free to do his photo-shooting of his Otacool3 Submission for Danny Choo‘s upcoming Otacool3 magazine. It features the colorful workspace of otakus all around the world. So far, to my knowledge, we would be the only two Tasmanian otakus in Australia that are planning to submit our application. Hopefully there would be more, but there are other Australian otakus that have already started submitting as well! The night before today (Saturday), i was talking with the Gurren Lagann’s Kamina cosplayer whom i met at AIcon 2010. We were planning to meet the moment we exchanged Facebook contacts .. and it random but it happened today as well!

The meeting of 3 Otakus. One missing behind the camera!
The Gurren Lagann’s Kamina cosplayer at AIcon 2010

United by our passion for animes and otaku culture, we both met in the city, met up with Wakaranai at the otaku shop, Niko Niko, then later had lunch at Sakura (sushi). “Russian sushi oishi yo~!” After lunch, we headed out to Wakaranai’s lair for the photoshoot. During the process of taking the shots of the room, we three also started exchanging comments, anime sharing and all that that is otaku-ism! Had a great fun time, with some Halo on the Xbox as well, i was the last on the frag board, but loved the game! First time playing it on the Xbox tho!

Anime swapping and such .. damn those Microsoft minutes!

During the meeting of these 3 otakus, we did everything otakus do, from anime referencing, comparing seiyuus, figures and such, anime swapping and recommendations, etc etc etc! Another day of a colorful otaku lifestyle for the otaku trooper. Marching daily with a mission to bring out the exciting best of the Japanese Otaku Subculture! It is a very demanding culture and requires constant updates with a passion!

Another day of fun from noon till dusk!

There is also a FigureFM version of the post. Slighty different but .. click here to read!