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Supanova Sydney 2010 took place from the 18th to the 20th June, on the 22nd i was scheduled to fly back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to attend to some legal personal business. It was last minute planning and it had to be done. Going back to Kuala Lumpur all fatigued and all that, i met up with the Danny Choo readers in KL and bought them lunch at Pizza Hut ^^ Within those two short days i bought some upgrades to my armor and camera. Came back, ended up buying a wireless remote (cheaper than Malaysia, coz its original) .. and with the combined effort of my gorilla tripod, that drive of inspiration turned into this Nendo/Figma Tale ^^ Titled FLASH!

Here ya go, Ojousama!
Whats this?
Click! CLICK!! Click?!
Must i really type out the FLASH? -_-
Remember when taking pics of cosplayers, not too much flash! Its annoying!

If anyone wondered why these pics were like this, its because it was a different camera and it was meant to be this way. Like duh, there are cameras that took pictures in 4:3, ya know? But we all know that now, dont we? ^^ Its not like i took pics with these using my eyeballs and USB-ed these images out of my ear to the laptop. There is always a reason in everything i do and say, if i wanted help, i’d ask for it. Simple and easy like 1-2-3 => And dont even try to give me the idea to crop it to a widescreen layout, i wasnt born yesterday. I take pics as it is, then Photoshop/LightRoom them. Its what i do!


Kuala Lumpur, prob the biggest city in Malaysia. Country of humid Summer-like weather with monsoons. I visited KL during the time of the monsoon so it rained a bit. But like some foreigners there, especially when u adapted to Tasmanian cold, we just loved the warm rain. Not too hot, not too cold!

Sharing some pics of my journey back to KL while meeting up with some of the otaku comrades ^^ During my 2 day stay in KL, i wasted no time getting things running, from meetups to getting loot!

The people i met were: WiseFreeman, ZamsJournal, lerrymaru, KururugiSeiryuu, Laniemon

Landed in LCCT (one of the two airports in Malaysia) and headed straight for Port Dickson. This was my view.

One thing i didnt notice was .. red lights means its full, green means the lot is vacant! KL is seriously infested with cars, and this makes car parking way better!

The loot i found at Lowyat Plaza. Good place for electronics. Bought some stuff for my camera and armor upgrades and etc

The DC Reader/Otaku Comrades i met in Kuala Lumpur. Ended up having lunch at Pizza Hut near Lot10. The picture is blur coz i asked someone to take a pic for us, i knew i should have given him a crash course!

Finally at the Melbourne Airport on the way back.

Playing with the Fisheye lens when i got back.

Then playing with the Macro lens!

How close can i go?

Neko shots!

Angry neko shots!

Trying to get close to Kyouka's bell, and yep, thats TIMTAM =3

When u see detail .. U DO SEE DETAILS .. makes me wanna clean my room again! The dust of 10 days when i was gone since Supanova >.<

And thats about it, a quick trip back home, and back to my humble home of high tech-ness. Sometimes i wonder how can they stand doing business with fax machines and all that. I mean, its the age of PDF and email attachments and such! Well, I love Malaysia has a hometown, but it seriously needs to get into the tech savvy world >.<

In the beginning of video encoding, we are all familiar with AVI, MOV, MP4 video encodes and package files like MKV. Everyone uses MKV to view their videos and animes on their computers and Macs! But there are people out there who have gone and made their favorite shows mobile, using the iPhone/iPad, PSP, and all that. I would be one of those people! For the last couple of months, i always thought it was a bugger to extract MKV packaged files and convert it into AVI/MP4 for my iPhone/PSP, then i have to deal with shitty subtitle sizes that were not very clear and not suitable when more than one person wants to view the video on the iPhone/PSP! recently, i have found the solution to all those problems!

The app is called Air Video ( Check out this site for more pics! Available on iTunes for AUD3.99!

Streaming – Air Video can stream videos to your iPhone and iPod touch. You don’t need to copy your videos to the device just to watch them.

  • Automated server discovery on local network using Apple Bonjour
  • Possibility to add custom servers by specifying IP address and port directly Can be used to stream videos over internet (see the appropriate section in FAQ)
  • Share disk folders and iTunes playlists
  • Optional password protection
  • Add videos to iTunes playlist from iPhone

Conversion – If the videos in your collection are not in format supported by iPhone, Air Video can convert them on fly (live conversion) or offline (entire file).

  • Videos that can not by directly played by iPhone can be easily converted. All major containers and codecs supported (mp4, m4v, mov, avi, wmv, asf, mpg, mpeg, mkv, 3gp, dmf, divx, flv). DRM protected videos as well as proprietary codecs are NOT supported.
  • Live conversion allows you to play videos without having to convert them upfront. Requires iPhone or iPod touch with firmware 3.0 or newer and sufficiently powerful computer.
  • Option to convert entire video before playing it (offline conversion)
  • Files converted offline can be put to conversion queue
  • Adjust quality, zoom and resolution for each video individually
  • Select audio stream (language)

FAQs that caught my eye are:

  • Air Video refuses to play some of my M4V/MP4/MOV files purchased from iTunes store.
    The files are probably DRM protected. Apple doesn’t permit playing such files over network.
  • Air Video refuses to play some of my M4V/MP4/MOV files.
    Those files, even though being in right format, probably have too high resolution or bitrate to be played on iPhone/iPod touch. You can, however, easily convert those files using Air Video.

Crimotaku’s summary:

Have already tested both the server and the iPhone client app, and it made me restless because i had a feeling like i just discovered and touched God in person. This app makes it possible for anime otakus to convert their MKV animes (with the choice to select one of multiple audio/subtitles in the MKV) for their iPhones. You must have an iPhone/iPad/iPod to do this tho. Because the the products would be a remote that allows u to remotely convert the wanted videos on your computer/Mac, even if you want to ‘Offline Convert’. Whats ‘Offline Convert’? Simple, use iPhone, use App, click and queue the MKVs you wanna convert, workstation/Mac converts .. then you go out having fun doing your regular thing and come back finding you have a batch of converted MP4 format files with clear subtitles, waiting for you to stream or adding it to your iTunes Playlist!

Its just that simple! No more choosing what bitrate you want for the video encodes, what codecs, bitrate of the audio codecs and all that mumbo jumbo! Convert videos in a few clicks or just stream it! This works over 3G as well (not for free, its ur bloody bandwidth!) but this is a wonderful tool to turn your iPhone/iPad into that mobile entertainment system at home using your wireless network!