Aliases: Crimotaku, GameShark03, Crim, Gurren

Location: Hobart, Australia

Occupation: Otaku/Stormtrooper/Network Engineer

Interests: Old School 1980s to Current Science Fiction Series, Movies (1980s to Current), Comics (Both Western and Eastern Comic/Manga)

Cosplay/Costume: Stormtrooper & Meito Anisawa

Hobbies: Armour-crafting, Photoshopping, Photography, Otaku Stuff

Camera: Nikon D5000 (Lens: 18-55mm)

Favourite Quote:

Favourite Characters:

Additional Info: Love conventions, i dont take a side. I think of myself as the living embodiment of both Western Fanboy and Eastern Otaku. Dont believe in religion but just scientific provent facts and logic. I see life how i see life, not how others see it.