Ok,  for the past few days,  i have been in Mad Scientist mode killing my braincells preparing my armor and Dei’s Daft Punk cosplay. Before i blah blah a wall of text, its pretty simple! It pretty much goes like this ..

  • Armor Maintenance (Polishing and Readjusting and such). All posted in previous posts of UOW.
  • Dei’s Daft Punk – Getting raw materials to make it the closest way it should be. Learnt a lot from Vacuum Forming and unique heatgun bending.
  • Searching the corners of Hobart for parts and such to make Daft Punk fully make-able within Hobart.

Thats it, 3 simple points! All this done to prepare for the upcoming Supanova Sydney 2010 with Shazsteel and Major Gravy ^^ While being busy being busy walking all over the place, here are a few pics ^^

Your average fibreglass polish found at ur local K&D. Made my armor real shinny (not perfect) with this one ^^

This massive piece of lint came from ONE towel that i bought for Dei during his stay here in Hobart. Few more minutes in the drier and i swear it would come alive!

This is the first time, i actually saw a parent use the iPhone as a distraction/education for this little kid girl. While she was distracted watching Bananas in Pyjamas in MP4 format, mom was shopping for bags =3

Dei (Major Gravy) progress of his Daft Punk cosplay for Supanova Sydney and Perth 2010 ^^

This is the comparison between my convention bags. If i were to meet the 501st requirements, i would need to weld some of my parts. This is the size difference when packing T_T

Armor packed for Supanova Sydney 2010, before the great polish!!

Ok, i love captions, coz i just do. But in a couple of my older posts were modified (not by me) and captions were removed. Why i did it was simply explained as the MS Office 2003 to 2007 compatibility theory. 2003 can be read in 2007, 2007 cannot be read perfectly in 2003. 2003 is my blog, 2007 is this one. Someone removed my formatting that would make it possible for me to import my posts here (after exporting from UOW) to my old WordPress for archiving. I like archiving coz i like having backups. But seems like my plan is foiled and my 2 days of editing posts when i first started in UOW turned to waste.

The point about having partners is to assist each other WHILE NOTIFYING one another, i got no notification, and this awesome gift was bestowed upon me. I dont believe in Gods and their gifts because there is always a price. I did not ask for this gift, but i was stripped of my “vision” like Roy Mustang in FMA. Its .. just .. not fair ..

This is Crimotaku, blogging like always. But if my posts are modified, it means modifying my efforts, which doesnt make it 100% me. I like being original, but if ppl modify or censor my posts, I will make their lives a living hell. Bite their asses first then forgive them later! >.<


The blog is undergoing some restructuring by Shazsteel, so i did not post this here till he was done, but like always, i dont like delaying and forgetting so here it goes anyways! Presenting this Nendo/Figma Tale of DC Reader, Major Gravy’s Daft Punk build up for Supanova Sydney 2010.

Whats going on?

Finally my own Wheel Walker! And its red!

Dont leave me!

Wait for me!

Dont u just love new toys?

Face plate and back head piece for the Daft Punk helmet

We tried experimental vacuum foaming for fun

Schematics to the hand plates.

See anything?

Its all black!

Hand plates first layer paint.

The Daft Punk frame!

Its been long scheduled, that in preparation of Supanova Sydney 2010 (18th-20th June), DC reader MajorGravy aka Twitter User, @DeidaraGS,  will be staying at my place for <2 weeks. Coming over to swap animes and such and also help work on his cosplay project for Supanova Sydney 2010. He may have already posted this on FigureFM, but i am reposting it my way ^^ The world is seen differently thru different eyes, and this is how i see it =)

Nani Nani?
What is this?
What’s up?
What is this?
Oh! That’s what!

We went out to all my known sources that helped me collect materials for my Stormtrooper armor today. Discovered a couple of handy shops new to me as well ^^ Crafting something is always fun, as long as you have a deadline and a mission! And most importantly, a plan! Creating cosplays can really boggle one’s mind when it comes to crafting and making it practical ^^

Around last Monday, i re-adjusted my TK Vest MKII and sent it for stitching and its finally finished. Fully satisfied with the mods and stability ^^ In that same week, i also designed 2 bags for my Meito Anisawa cosplay. One Figma design and the other an Animate design! Got lazy to pick up the cards on a Saturday morning, so i went today (Monday) instead. Checked out the QR codes and they work! Yesh! =3 This is how my card turned out.

Cant wait for Supanova Sydney 2010 ^^

Finally my name card is complete! ^^

Now for the Stormtrooper Armor updates, pretty much finalized the measurements to oonly my size. Making the vest a permanent size. Instead of being all super text fancy wall of text .. like always! Pictures!

Completed version of the TK Vest MK2
Close up of the stitches
Reinforced webbing on shoulder snaps
Close up of the stitches around my belt buckles

Just to be clear i wont be blogging here because i am merged with Unlimited Otaku Works @ http://unlimitedotakuworks.com/ .. Gonna trial there for a bit, already did a fair share of heavily focused mods to the website, but i will be doing my posts there. If all goes well, i would be posting there long term. Knowing myself, i can never stop blogging with the unique things i see in the world with my unique sense of humor that most mortals from my homeland rarely get. Guess it comes with how exposed the people are to cultures of the WWW or outside Malaysia!

Oh well, blogging on a new more pic obsessed site ^^ Sure there will always be disagreement and the site is not 100% run by one individual, but thats how it is. I can always fall back and return to this one and completely revamp it with massive updates, layout and posts. The point of the blog was to blog what i see and how i react to it! Not a typical stereotype fanboy who  just wants to learn the cool stuff! Being normal is boring! This blog is now official frozen in time! Until the prophesied Otaku Trooper has returned!

Goodness Gracious Me! Great Balls of Fire! I did not realize i did not blog about this on the new blog, but here we go!! (Originally from FigureFM)

Website: Supanova Sydney 2010 (www)
Date: June 18th-20th 2010
Venue: The Dome, Sydney Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park
Time: 10am to 6pm, June 19th and 20th, 2010 / Preview Night June 18th (6pm to 10pm – doors open 5.30pm)

The Message:
Simple really! Looking to meet other DC/FigureFM readers in Sydney! Its always nice to meet fellow comrades at conventions! This wont be the first time i will be advertising this. Once every week till i fly off from Tasmania to Sydney then i would start communicating via tweets! Going there with another DC reader and a cosplayer from Perth ^^

Goal? Meet up, go around the convention, chat, take pics .. and etc etc etc! ^^ And adding each other to blogroll/twitter/facebook and etc!

How to find me?
Look for a non yet 501st Legion registered Stormtrooper with a SOS Brigade Armband / Judgement Armband .. or both! I would be the Stormtrooper prob going nuts wanting to take pics with every cosplayer i see! I also will be hanging around with the 501st Legion booth to mingle with fellow troopers as well!

If you are cheeky enough to try it. Prepare a Carameldansen mp3 to your mobile/mp3 player to catch my attention ^^

Supanova Sydney Meetup Invitation to DC/FigureFM readers ^^

Not only do i have the out of armor attire ready, but a few extras as well!

Decided to replicate this Figma bag into something i can use ^^

And now for the end result .. cards are being picked up on Saturday morning ^^

Replication complete!

.. and thats not the only thing that has been replicated =P

See ya at Supanova Sydney 2010!

UPDATE June 3rd: I know an out of armor attire for the convention, this one makes it easier for me to take my own blog pics in ^^ Guess who the character i will be cosplaying as! If i find Lucky Star cosplayers, they are so in for a shock!

My Twitter: Crimotaku
My Site: www.unlimitedotakuworks.com

Feel free to leave ur contacts on the comments too ^^

Note to Self: Its actually cheaper to make ur own anime goods rather than buying stuff that looks like crap for 50 bucks -_-

Comrade Trooper, Solomon ‘Wise’ Freeman, twitted this today and i found myself amazed at this one. Usually when it comes to international subjects and foreigners, Malaysia tend to give a quick summary, without any reference materials to support what they said. Same goes for movies and outside cultures. This blogger, Ian Yee @ rage.com.my, posted an article about Danny Choo’s mee up in Kuala Lumpur last month. First, i went “Oh .. a dot com dot my blog, not bad .. better than The Star write up, then i realized .. HEY HE IS FROM THE STAR!!” They finally have a person on the inside who actually gives a crap about outside cultures and gets his facts straight.

Picture taken during the KL DC Meet up ^^

When it comes to Malaysia, the facts they most get right is when they are spoon fed and steal the info off another article. I mean, reporters and writers are supposed to research, access and write a story to the people from a neutral point of view. That is what a reporter is! The people deserves to know! (But in Malaysia, and like other countries, they dislike outside cultures interfering and brainwashing their people ..) I am amazed about this write up, and glad to know there is someone with a free mind inside The Star BLOGGING away!

Question i’d like to ask is, how come RAGE.COM.MY looks better than THESTAR.COM.MY website? Hmmmm ..

DC signed loot protected by Spartan Gixxer!

Oh yeah, still glad that i actually got this loot from the KL DC Meet Up, too bad its in Malaysia, but safely protected by Armored Bro, Spartan Gixxer ^^ *Armored Bro Fist*