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It has been a good run when i blogged for free, staying hidden from .. well, noone .. then i joined UOW (Unlimited Otaku Works) as a joint post blog to make things more interesting, most importantly to share my points of view. But it was a short term thing since the site was gonna go down soon, and me? Give up blogging? No way! Why would i? If J Jonah Jameson told me to stop writing, i’d just leave the Daily Bugle and join Ben Urich at the Frontline! The difference? I wont be limited or censored, but the point is to speak up my mind as the way i am.

I aint exactly Marry Poppins, or the Pope, … or Maddox for the matter .. BUT .. i only put up a good front and pretend to be someone else if i am paid to be. Like Customer Support or Human Resource. So now presenting to my readers or internet trollers or whatevers, the new website which is mine, with a DOTCOM .. .. yep .. its all about free speech of an otaku/fanboy who happens to be a trooper. ‘Nuff said! Those that stick to religion/politics like a breathing the air .. CLICK HERE! (Must be 7 and below).


Was playing 3 hours of Final Fantasy 13 (great game btw, well, u gotta play the whole game then truly complain about it first XD) .. when Zh3us MSN-ed me something that caught my eye. It was an idea i have realized at all!

Zheus' weblink to me!

I only pictured myself as an otaku that hardcore watches anime and collect figures of ONLY CHARACTERS i fancy .. with a hint of passion to wear armor to attend conventions and other public activities to see the smiles on people’s faces. But these were the words put together by comrade, Zh3us from Singapore .. “Wandering Crimotaku Stormtrooper’s Diary of Nendos and Figmas” .. hmmm .. an interesting thought, now it makes me think. I am pretty much a life-sized figma with figmas and nendoroids as my kawaii and mischievous mascots!

Recently also found out that the ninja costumer at Hobart Relay for Life was also the One Piece cosplayer at AICON 2010 (Flickr Gallery 01 and 02) as the transforming ‘deer’ character known as Tony Tony/Chopper!

She was the black ninja in this picture! Who would have thought!

She really loves her One Piece anime chars!

When you have a character with 'scissors' for hands .. you just cannot resist taking a 'Rock Paper Scissors' pic!