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Loot arrived one day and found out it belonged to neither my Ebay crazy housemates or myself, but in fact, it was addressed to my brother. Being a console gamer lover (not my fault!), he bought his own Square Enix/Konami Metal Solid Peacewalker: Big Boss (Naked Snake). To me, its like magic, coz he got really motivated to take pics of his latest loot. This is a bit different, because this one happens to be his life long favourite! Which is somehow different when compared to crazy otakus who buy everything kawaii whether he needs it or not. Haha! I choose my loot, because i have watched/read it and liked them characters, pretty much runs the same with my bro. The good thing is, now i can borrow a ‘Naked Snake’ when i want ^^

These pics were altered using Adobe Light Room 2. Spot the difference? Not really, just tweaking and patching it up =3

Now this wasnt my loot! (Crimotaku)

MG Peacewalker's Naked Snake/Big Boss

Look at that face! Detailed with wrinkles!

Ball joints are perfectly hidden. No screws or figma like joints!

Didnt expect mGlacius to make a comic skit ^^

Even got my nekos involved to amplify kawaii-ness!!

As long as u have a tactical shield, u can avoid the Cactuar's deadly 10,000 needles attack! (1 needle = 1dmg)

With a face like that, its like, they painted a face and gave it realistic plastic sugery!

The horribad FREE loot given by fake Stormtrooper ADIDAS sneaker sellers ^^

Yep! Those were the bribes given by the anonymous fake sneaker sellers that try to sell the Limited Edition ADIDAS X STAR WARS sneakers online. If you read my journeys as the Otaku Trooper or at least browsed the Crimotaku/UOW blog, u’d see the massive difference. The internet is an awesome place to find what u cannot find  near u, but always remember there will always be scammers in our world. Cheap retarded schmucks who try to exploit the trust of our internet community and con the world of their money.

There will be rempits (Malaysian gangsters), gangsters, and degenerates, but its human nature to be greedy .. and stupid. But thats just how the world works in a nutshell ^^


The loot that finally arrived via SAL! Slow .. but it arrived!

The list of loot received:

  • J-List – Otacool 1 and Otacool 2
  • Hobby Search – Pre-ordered Bakemonogatari #1 Nendoroid Petites
  • Hobby Link Japan – Square Enix FF Cactuar, Ex Rides: Wheel Walker and Bicycles

Waiting impatiently for 2 weeks after orders, i lost the feeling of eagerness of their arrive at my doorstep after the 3rd week. SAL seems to pretty much take up to 4 weeks to arrive on anything. So far, massive delay in delivery is not the only thing i am focused at. All their packaging was pretty solid and protected. The four corners of the envelops and boxes they came in were still there! The packing used by all these 3 companies, just like EMS, were just wowsers! Will be browsing the loot later! With this much loot, i might as well start unpacking the Lucky Star figmas with the Seto no Hanayome Nendoroid Petites as well!

When it comes to ordering otaku loot from the Land of the Rising Sun, every month seems to be Christmas, when the loot arrives on anyone’s doorstep!