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Sure there was Street Fighter IV then Super Street Fighter IV, but how else can i resist a good old school 2D fighting game? The 3D ones well, lets say i just don’t like it when people get the smarts and start using the 3D map and run all over the place avoiding being KO-ed or beaten! Haha! I am a gamer that must have a fatality-type, either i be dominated or my opponents do! Bwhahahah!! So here we go! New pics of Marvel VS Capcom 3!

Marvel VS Capcom 3 PS3 Bluray Cover

And there we go! The full Marvel VS Capcom 3 Episode 1 Game Trailer!


Saber playing the PS2 <3

I always wanted to do this shot but i had been slacking with day to day life. The moment i relax and play a game or watch anime, i forget to do this scene for my blog. This time, i was completely hyped and motivated to do so, because of a certain addition to my otaku den! A bean bag! Sitting on the floor just does not cut it for me ever since i moved from my old place. So i decided to add a little something!

Excited about the bean bag, but one cant have too much bean bag fillings!

Originally planned to go to a biker shop to get a black rubber thingie that is often seen to go around the neck or visor part of helmets, but ended up going to K-Mart with my housemates instead! Was messing around town and the topic popped up .. “Hey lets get some bean bags! It’s be awesome!” and we did! 3 schmucks going to K-Mart ended up picking up a copy of the PS3’s Dark Void (by Capcom) for AUD25. Good deal, i’d say!

Bought the PS3's Dark Void by Capcom at K-Mart for 25 dollars! Epic find! XD

Cannot wait to try this game out since i played the demo, but for that to happen i have to finish Final Fantasy 13 which i have been stalling for the last few weeks T_T

All comfy and cosy on my new bean bag =3

After finally filling out the bean bag, this was the result! Lazy and all! I mean, comfortable and cosy! The thing about bean bags is they dont really turn out how they are on the picture, but for me, the harder and stuffed it is, the more i like it! I just prefer it that way desu! <3

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