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It has been a good run when i blogged for free, staying hidden from .. well, noone .. then i joined UOW (Unlimited Otaku Works) as a joint post blog to make things more interesting, most importantly to share my points of view. But it was a short term thing since the site was gonna go down soon, and me? Give up blogging? No way! Why would i? If J Jonah Jameson told me to stop writing, i’d just leave the Daily Bugle and join Ben Urich at the Frontline! The difference? I wont be limited or censored, but the point is to speak up my mind as the way i am.

I aint exactly Marry Poppins, or the Pope, … or Maddox for the matter .. BUT .. i only put up a good front and pretend to be someone else if i am paid to be. Like Customer Support or Human Resource. So now presenting to my readers or internet trollers or whatevers, the new website which is mine, with a DOTCOM .. .. yep .. its all about free speech of an otaku/fanboy who happens to be a trooper. ‘Nuff said! Those that stick to religion/politics like a breathing the air .. CLICK HERE! (Must be 7 and below).


The blog is undergoing some restructuring by Shazsteel, so i did not post this here till he was done, but like always, i dont like delaying and forgetting so here it goes anyways! Presenting this Nendo/Figma Tale of DC Reader, Major Gravy’s Daft Punk build up for Supanova Sydney 2010.

Whats going on?

Finally my own Wheel Walker! And its red!

Dont leave me!

Wait for me!

Dont u just love new toys?

Face plate and back head piece for the Daft Punk helmet

We tried experimental vacuum foaming for fun

Schematics to the hand plates.

See anything?

Its all black!

Hand plates first layer paint.

The Daft Punk frame!

Me and a mate posing the evil baddy pose at a Birthday Party!

Been missing for a while, but to summarize it all up ..

  • Moved out of old hideout on the 27th March
  • Was cut off the internet from 27th March 2010, survived on 3G
  • 10th April 2010, iiNet got my internet up on a Saturday
  • Crimotaku Systems are now online
  • Had a house warming party and a birthday on the 7th April

A long list of Marvel Comics have been downloaded and a couple of torrents stockpiled up (Heroman, Eden of the East movie, Haruhi movie, etc). Lots of catching up to do. Can blog and flickr once again without seeing my iPhone’s prepaid credits being drained away by overusing my quota on my mobile. Re-wired the house to a more elegant layout to prevent housemates from tripping over my lines and causing Ragnarok. More updates coming soon! Yataaaaa!!

Nani nani? What is this .. feeling?

Its all about working it a bit at a time. Slowly upgrading and adding more picture content to the burogu! There are many people out there, who rather just look at the pictures instead of the text anyways. >_<

– Ninja-ed from Kodomut <3 (Love his work!!)
– Made a side banner for Widgets/Navigational Frames, etc

Konata decides to add a new member to the Figma family ..

Moral of the story? Always read the manual first! That includes README and FAQ files.