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Woke up this morning, and i was .. well .. surprisingly early. When i have work/classes, i wake up late. When i dont, i wake up 1 hour before class/work time. Gaooo~~!! So i decided to try out my tripod with cameras, while looking for a subject. Decided to do a comic script with the figma/nendos for a new game demo i downloaded for the PS3. Am soooo looking forward to it!

Konata decides to try out the new demo with a few spectators
.. and puchi Kyouka seems to want in on the fun too!
One thing Puchis can do often is CO-OP!
Bayonetta is flashy and fun! Also has some fanservice in it >_<
The nendos remind me of the time.. FOR GRUB!
Latest family addition to the Nendo/Figmas =3
Breakfast is never complete without morning anime!


Been neglecting some nendo/figma fun thanks to ‘Armor Crafting’ .. so here we go!! When my hands are not so glue-ish and messy!!

When Armor Crafting, welding cement is poisonous to eyes, skin and when inhaling! But it is necessary if you want to weld ABS together!

Velcro and Super Glue are also ur best friends!

Introducing the new Nendo i unboxed!

Thanks to Rockleelotus’ PewPewPew~~!!

Counter-Terrorists Win!

For the past two days, have not really been blogging, because having classes to finish (nearly ending the semester) and armor crafting and anime watching is way too packed to do anything! I even neglected my kawaii daughters =< So here is the update of my armor status.

Puchi Kyoukas: Nyaaaa .. we have been busy sanding and trimming armor!

Drossel: Daisuki~~!! <3 *Hugz* So shiney like me!

Konata: So close to completion =w=

Drossel: Lets prepare for the next phase of the plan. Helmet assembly!

ARMOR UPDATE: These are the finalized pieces. Just waiting for me to design a snap on system, to make it wearable =3

Cut and trimmed the armor to fit me physically and the helmet only needs sanding on the ear pieces then i can start assembling the helmet!

LOOT UPDATE: And some bonus loot that came today in the mail! Haruhi Cosplay Konata Izumi! Figma 001!!

Now i have two cosplaying Figmas ^w^

Konata decides to add a new member to the Figma family ..

Moral of the story? Always read the manual first! That includes README and FAQ files.

A Camera Upgrade

Posted: 27/10/2009 in Otaku Culture
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After Armageddon 2009 (Melbourne), i was motivated to get an actual good camera that does not have any “lag” time in between shots. Did loads of research via forums/emails and camped the camera shop for 3 days asking tons of questions. Finally, decided to get the Nikon D5000 with all kinds of accessories to get me started. Then i turned MIA exploring the features of the camera and the differences.

Image taken with the iPhone 3GS (not saying I would replace my iPhone, but its video recording features is YouTube friendly!)

Reading the manual before i play the toy is a discipline i got ever since i gotten my first Transformer G1 when i was a kid. It helps to know what u need to do! Then, pretty much i experimented with the different lens/focus/light settings .. and techniques .. which i would need to level up in time! Manual focus and selective auto focus features is a good thing!

Then, there were assignments, i had to finish after Armageddon, with a few work related tasks needed to be accomplished. Thats what you get for taking a holiday. So, i was pretty occupied .. and snapping random pics during the break!

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun – Episode 04 =3

Well, recently been doing research on cameras, thanks to digicam snapping at Armageddon, i got pretty much ticked by the awesome shutter speed of the digicams. Not to mention, night shots were impossible for me. Forcing me to perform the Baka-Flash move. Which was really bad. At the same time, on Danny Choo’s, found a post that had a topic about Lucky Star and Haruhi, then i could not resist posting this again! .. The Melancholy of Konata Izumi (MAD OP) =3

This morning, i was tracking EMS like crazy, coz i knew if i were to order stuff on Mondays and Tuesdays, they always arrive on Mondays! Even tho mail people do not work on the weekends, but the mail still get delivered to their states! By knowing this, i get real paranoid when i have the ability to track items like my figmas/nendoroids .. or even my AP suit => .. So this is the mail person arrived, and this happened ..

Saber: “Today, we would like to introduce .. all the way from Japan ..”
Konata: “My cousin, Yutaka-chaaaaan~~!”
Yutaka: “Hajimemashite!” (Nice to meet u)


Konata: “Behind us are some of the souvenirs i got from Armageddon 2009~! Some pictures with frames, shirts and etc!”
Yutaka: “Don’t forget the neko hats, Onee-san!”
Saber: “Really? I will go have a look at them then.”

Saber stares. Chiiii~~~~~~~
Konata: “As you can see in the back, a Haruhi shirt saying ‘I am not interested in ordinary people!’ .. =3”
Yutaka: “Saber-senpai?”

Saber still staring. Chiiii~~~~~~~
Konata: “During the convention, i saw the Azumanga Daioh silver neko ‘biting head’ hat .. but it was sold out within 3 hours on the first day .. i didnt get any because i was too busy taking pics of cosplayers and the 501st.”
Yutaka: “Saaaaaaber-senpai?”

Saber: “… everyone, i got something important to say.”
Yutaka: “What are you looking at Saber-senpai?”
Konata: “Mostly collected stuff from Seto No Hanayome, Lucky Star and Black Lagoon .. mostly to give my room the anime look! Rich colored pictured frames! I wonder what Saber-chan is looking at?”

Saber: “This is DEFINITELY A VERY MOE picture.”
Yutaka giggles.
Konata: “Uwaaaa! Stop-pu! Thats Alex Louis Armstrong from FMA! I don’t think moe is the word for him, Saber-chan!”

Saber: “Are you trying to say, that Armstrong is not moe? “
Yutaka: “Haha ^^”
Konata: “Uhhh, i dont think so. I cant even find the word to describe him.”

Saber: “Well, i still think Armstrong is very moe!”
Konata: “Yossshhh .. whatever floats your boat, Saber-chaaaan”

Saber: “Armstrong is the very essence of moe!”
Konata: “I am gonna check out the rest of the souvenirs .. and comrades in the HobbySearch parcel ..”

Saber: “That Konata .. acting all like that just because there is more than one Figma now .. just you wait..”

Yutaka: “Wow .. so many other Figmas!”
Konata: “Oh hoho! Kagami is still among them! XD”