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Sure there was Street Fighter IV then Super Street Fighter IV, but how else can i resist a good old school 2D fighting game? The 3D ones well, lets say i just don’t like it when people get the smarts and start using the 3D map and run all over the place avoiding being KO-ed or beaten! Haha! I am a gamer that must have a fatality-type, either i be dominated or my opponents do! Bwhahahah!! So here we go! New pics of Marvel VS Capcom 3!

Marvel VS Capcom 3 PS3 Bluray Cover

And there we go! The full Marvel VS Capcom 3 Episode 1 Game Trailer!


A mate of mine from Heroes 4 Kids decided to come as Cardbox Iron-Man!

Review (Sort of):

After watching the movie and WAITING TILL THE AFTER OF THE ENDING CREDITS (BOLD TEXT HERE! PLS FORGET THIS PART) .. I would say the movie has impressed me really well, being a comic fan and all. Sad to say, I actually missed Stan Lee making his cameo appearance! Well, its another comic turned movie for me. I was satisfied with what they did with SHIELD. I even wore my SHIELD shirt to the cinema! The fight scenes was way better compared to the Iron-Man 1 movie, where it is just bunch of armor wearing people clanking it out at each other. Keeping spoilers to a minimal, so i cannot review much! Will wait for a week or two, or maybe even forget about doing a review about it! Haha. Most likely to happen since i am too stingy to share the goodness of all that is Marvel :P


  • Nick Fury is seen in the movie and plays a role
  • Black Widow does something in the movie. She IS the russian superspy after all!
  • Stan Lee is in it again
  • After the ending credits, you see the Mjolinir. Wonder which blondy it belongs to?
  • This is not the final version of the Iron Knight
  • Hulk was seen in the movie
  • Captain America’s shield was SHOWN VERY OBVIOUSLY

Score: 9/10 (Targeted at mortals of Midgard)