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Supanova Sydney 2010 took place from the 18th to the 20th June, on the 22nd i was scheduled to fly back to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to attend to some legal personal business. It was last minute planning and it had to be done. Going back to Kuala Lumpur all fatigued and all that, i met up with the Danny Choo readers in KL and bought them lunch at Pizza Hut ^^ Within those two short days i bought some upgrades to my armor and camera. Came back, ended up buying a wireless remote (cheaper than Malaysia, coz its original) .. and with the combined effort of my gorilla tripod, that drive of inspiration turned into this Nendo/Figma Tale ^^ Titled FLASH!

Here ya go, Ojousama!
Whats this?
Click! CLICK!! Click?!
Must i really type out the FLASH? -_-
Remember when taking pics of cosplayers, not too much flash! Its annoying!

If anyone wondered why these pics were like this, its because it was a different camera and it was meant to be this way. Like duh, there are cameras that took pictures in 4:3, ya know? But we all know that now, dont we? ^^ Its not like i took pics with these using my eyeballs and USB-ed these images out of my ear to the laptop. There is always a reason in everything i do and say, if i wanted help, i’d ask for it. Simple and easy like 1-2-3 => And dont even try to give me the idea to crop it to a widescreen layout, i wasnt born yesterday. I take pics as it is, then Photoshop/LightRoom them. Its what i do!


A Camera Upgrade

Posted: 27/10/2009 in Otaku Culture
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After Armageddon 2009 (Melbourne), i was motivated to get an actual good camera that does not have any “lag” time in between shots. Did loads of research via forums/emails and camped the camera shop for 3 days asking tons of questions. Finally, decided to get the Nikon D5000 with all kinds of accessories to get me started. Then i turned MIA exploring the features of the camera and the differences.

Image taken with the iPhone 3GS (not saying I would replace my iPhone, but its video recording features is YouTube friendly!)

Reading the manual before i play the toy is a discipline i got ever since i gotten my first Transformer G1 when i was a kid. It helps to know what u need to do! Then, pretty much i experimented with the different lens/focus/light settings .. and techniques .. which i would need to level up in time! Manual focus and selective auto focus features is a good thing!

Then, there were assignments, i had to finish after Armageddon, with a few work related tasks needed to be accomplished. Thats what you get for taking a holiday. So, i was pretty occupied .. and snapping random pics during the break!

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun – Episode 04 =3