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Kuala Lumpur, prob the biggest city in Malaysia. Country of humid Summer-like weather with monsoons. I visited KL during the time of the monsoon so it rained a bit. But like some foreigners there, especially when u adapted to Tasmanian cold, we just loved the warm rain. Not too hot, not too cold!

Sharing some pics of my journey back to KL while meeting up with some of the otaku comrades ^^ During my 2 day stay in KL, i wasted no time getting things running, from meetups to getting loot!

The people i met were: WiseFreeman, ZamsJournal, lerrymaru, KururugiSeiryuu, Laniemon

Landed in LCCT (one of the two airports in Malaysia) and headed straight for Port Dickson. This was my view.

One thing i didnt notice was .. red lights means its full, green means the lot is vacant! KL is seriously infested with cars, and this makes car parking way better!

The loot i found at Lowyat Plaza. Good place for electronics. Bought some stuff for my camera and armor upgrades and etc

The DC Reader/Otaku Comrades i met in Kuala Lumpur. Ended up having lunch at Pizza Hut near Lot10. The picture is blur coz i asked someone to take a pic for us, i knew i should have given him a crash course!

Finally at the Melbourne Airport on the way back.

Playing with the Fisheye lens when i got back.

Then playing with the Macro lens!

How close can i go?

Neko shots!

Angry neko shots!

Trying to get close to Kyouka's bell, and yep, thats TIMTAM =3

When u see detail .. U DO SEE DETAILS .. makes me wanna clean my room again! The dust of 10 days when i was gone since Supanova >.<

And thats about it, a quick trip back home, and back to my humble home of high tech-ness. Sometimes i wonder how can they stand doing business with fax machines and all that. I mean, its the age of PDF and email attachments and such! Well, I love Malaysia has a hometown, but it seriously needs to get into the tech savvy world >.<


First thing first, putting comrade otakus as the main thing is important! Coz they are people! Friends! Comrades! YEOSH!! Ok ..

Tasmanian Otaku Blogger:
Fellow Tasmanian anime/otaku blogger @washi_ finally posted up his Otacool3 Submission. It was supposed to be posted weeks ago, like a week after mine, well .. better late than never!

One of Washi’s Otacool3 Submission

Secret Cosplay Revealed! And its an Animate character called the Anime Tenchou, Meito Anisawa!

The key parts are all there, cept for .. some ^^

Missing a few things to make the character appear richer in color. That would be a rich red apron (either i have to die it rich red or search the town for it), a pair of red comfy sneakers (always could use new sneakers, been a while) and new blue jeans? Gonna have to make an Animate theme badge and making a few extra props, like an Animate logo-ed satchel to keep stuff to pose with (Otacool magazines), and a book bag. I am hoping the book bag would be able to be made to look like, figma Konata’s paper bag. ^^

Figma Konata's paperbag >.<

Meet up with fellow DC Readers at Supanova Sydney! (If i find any ..)

Supanova Sydney 2010 Advertisement on FigureFM

Posted an advertisement to see if any DC Readers wanted to meet up when Supanova Sydney took place on FigureFM (Why? Coz its that easy to use!). How do we meet up? Will be trooping around in armor with either the SOS Brigade Armband or the Judgement Armband, or BOTH ^^ Did not really mention i had a secret cosplay planned for Supanova, this otaku trooper has to share his passion both ways. Pulled out of cosplay retirement, i finally found a long term character i can be at an anime convention without the armor!

During my presence here in Hobart, Tasmania of Australia, Danny Choo went to Malaysia (my birthplace in this mortal world) for some business and personal time with his family. The Tokyo Dancing Trooper also happens to be the son of Jimmy Choo, the designer! Both the parents of DC (Danny Choo) originated from Malaysia but moved to the UK and there is where DC was spawned onto this mortal world, we call Earth! According to DC, it was 15 years since the last time he actually came back to see his parents. Imagine that! Wonder if i would ever go thru that phase in my lifetime.

Danny Choo arrived in Kuala Lumpur and was greeted by fellow otakus and twitter followers at the KLIA. DC came to Malaysia with a couple of missions:

  • Meet his parents and spend some time with them
  • Meet otakus
  • Business to possibly set up a branch business in Kuala Lumpur (Possible? If it happens i will blog about it in later posts anyways)

He visited KL but also made a day trip back to Penang for a couple of hours by plane, but unlike his KL arrival, he snuck pass the otaku squad that was waiting for him. Maybe due to needing personal time with family! Its the logical thing to do when coming to visit the land of your parents or ancestors.

Sad for me was i didn’t get to be there to be part of the welcoming group in Kuala Lumpur. I would have worn the armor with a red banchou armband and welcome him with a white signboard written “WELCOME TO MALAYSIA DANNY CHOO”. Fearing i would miss most of the trips he would make to Malaysia during my presence here in Australia, 2 otaku comrades got involved in helping me get a signature from the Tokyo Dancing Trooper himself!

Picture taken by DC reader, Kururugi Seiryuu. Signature by Danny Choo himself, mission carried out by DC reader, Master Chief (Gixxer), event planned out by DC clone/reader, WiseFreeman

Thanks to Master Chief (Gixxer) for helping getting the Lucky Star Bathroom Poster from Little Akiba (KL), Solomon Freeman aka WiseFreeman for setting up the meetings and plans with Danny Choo and the other otakus, and also Kururugi Seiryuu for this picture he sent to me via MSN indicating that the signing mission by Master Chief Gixxer has been accomplished! =)

Otaku comrade, Master Chief Gixxer from CF2009. Will be seeing him again in CF2010!

Note: This line wasn't part of the anime subtitles. ROFL

After been away trying to finish up and perfect FF13 then move on to Square Enix’ Just Cause 2 & Nier, Capcom’s Lost Planet 2 & Street Fighter IV Turbo .. and also wait for Square Enix’ Final Fantasy 14 .. noticed that the list if back to haunt me. The MyAnimeList! After meeting more otakus over the internet and chatting in person or online, while exchanging animes .. realized that i have more to catch up on. The list is expanding i should really maybe start watching the animes i have at hand … uhh .. hard drive! Being a gamer/anime otaku is tough. There are just not enough hours in a day .. maybe i should be a martian on Mars, and have longer day hours!

Have a particular habit .. if i like it .. i would really cherish it. If i cherish it, i would not watch it as fast (weekly) and tend to keep it sealed away for the end of days! Example, my Seto no Hayanome puchis .. still stuck in plastic airtight ‘carbonite’ (Star Wars reference). But if i like it so more than usual, i tend to watch it with full attention and even volcano erupting under my ass wont make look away from the screen. One of the few things that made me feel that way was Lucky Star .. but now, its the two otaku characters, Erika Karisawa (狩沢絵理華) and Walker Yumasaki (遊馬崎ウォーカー). These two are passionate otakus within the Durarara series, and the storyline just got even better!

Walker Yumasaki

Erika Karisawa

With characters that show the passion they have for anime, how can a fellow otaku not enjoy their heavy referencing every time they start a conversation! Haha! Worst yet! In Durarara Episode 15, these two otaku clowns were doing a reference about Yotsuba! The anime with the same author that gave us Azumanga Daioh. Knowing that otaku comrade, Washi has it, i may need to borrow his currently available volumes of Yotsuba (!)!

Seto-san and Lunar-san are finally coming my way! HAIL LUNAR!

After searching like mad all over the internet, a fellow otaku, comrade irudono (blog link) gave me a hand and actually found them for me! And now they are on the way here waaaay down South to Tasmania! When i found out about the existence of these puchis, i pretty much gave a combined hybrid fanboy scream + otaku rage roar! Sqqqueeaaaaaaa-GAAAAAAAOOOOOO!! If there happened to be a way to spell it out, it’d be something like that! Apparently these puchis are no longer found anywhere on the internet or the world (for sale) because they are a protected species kept in Japan!

Links to comrade Irudono’s Flickr gallery displaying the loot he got for me and another otaku comrade

Saber playing the PS2 <3

I always wanted to do this shot but i had been slacking with day to day life. The moment i relax and play a game or watch anime, i forget to do this scene for my blog. This time, i was completely hyped and motivated to do so, because of a certain addition to my otaku den! A bean bag! Sitting on the floor just does not cut it for me ever since i moved from my old place. So i decided to add a little something!

Excited about the bean bag, but one cant have too much bean bag fillings!

Originally planned to go to a biker shop to get a black rubber thingie that is often seen to go around the neck or visor part of helmets, but ended up going to K-Mart with my housemates instead! Was messing around town and the topic popped up .. “Hey lets get some bean bags! It’s be awesome!” and we did! 3 schmucks going to K-Mart ended up picking up a copy of the PS3’s Dark Void (by Capcom) for AUD25. Good deal, i’d say!

Bought the PS3's Dark Void by Capcom at K-Mart for 25 dollars! Epic find! XD

Cannot wait to try this game out since i played the demo, but for that to happen i have to finish Final Fantasy 13 which i have been stalling for the last few weeks T_T

All comfy and cosy on my new bean bag =3

After finally filling out the bean bag, this was the result! Lazy and all! I mean, comfortable and cosy! The thing about bean bags is they dont really turn out how they are on the picture, but for me, the harder and stuffed it is, the more i like it! I just prefer it that way desu! <3

FigureFM Post available @

Was playing 3 hours of Final Fantasy 13 (great game btw, well, u gotta play the whole game then truly complain about it first XD) .. when Zh3us MSN-ed me something that caught my eye. It was an idea i have realized at all!

Zheus' weblink to me!

I only pictured myself as an otaku that hardcore watches anime and collect figures of ONLY CHARACTERS i fancy .. with a hint of passion to wear armor to attend conventions and other public activities to see the smiles on people’s faces. But these were the words put together by comrade, Zh3us from Singapore .. “Wandering Crimotaku Stormtrooper’s Diary of Nendos and Figmas” .. hmmm .. an interesting thought, now it makes me think. I am pretty much a life-sized figma with figmas and nendoroids as my kawaii and mischievous mascots!

Recently also found out that the ninja costumer at Hobart Relay for Life was also the One Piece cosplayer at AICON 2010 (Flickr Gallery 01 and 02) as the transforming ‘deer’ character known as Tony Tony/Chopper!

She was the black ninja in this picture! Who would have thought!

She really loves her One Piece anime chars!

When you have a character with 'scissors' for hands .. you just cannot resist taking a 'Rock Paper Scissors' pic!